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In distribution, not only do #artists face exponential #rendering increases- with the push to higher frame rates, higher resolution & more realistic images- but it's also difficult to monetize #3D works across a fragmented app ecosystem...

.@nvidia calls on PC gamers to download the Folding@home app & put spare clock cycles toward advancing scientific knowledge of #coronavirus. The program links computers into an international network that uses distributed processing power to chew through massive computing tasks... https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/fhb5e4/coronavirus_specific_gpu_projects_are_now/
@RenderToken to purchase up to 4.5 million $RNDR tokens on

Based on prevailing market conditions & compared to the computing power they represent, we believe the tokens are significantly undervalued on Probit.


#RNDR #render
@thekhronosgroup Releases Vulkan Ray Tracing...
"We're very excited about having hardware ray tracing support baked into @VulkanAPI. [It] enables us to research high-end rendering solutions while also having support for vendors & platforms w/ minimal overhead,” @JulesUrbach, CEO of @OTOY article link --> https://www.khronos.org/news/press/khronos-group-releases-vulkan-ray-tracing
Computer Graphics pioneers win the Turing award, the most prestigious prize in the field of computer science. Past winners include Tim Berners-Lee, cryptographer Martin Hellman, & various AI pioneers.

We're all building towards an Open Metaverse! https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/18/pixar-cg-pioneers-pat-hanrahan-and-edwin-catmull-share-1m-turing-award/
Good 8-part series from TechCrunch's @epeckham on the future of virtual worlds!
... "the virtual worlds of multiplayer games are our stepping stones [to] the 'metaverse' of science fiction." https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/22/with-kids-and-adults-staying-at-home-are-virtual-worlds-ready-for-primetime/
With #RNDR beginning a transition out of Beta, we are excited to recap some of the latest advances in the project, showcase some of the amazing work that is being created on RNDR, and look to the next phase of the network...


⚠️ #PowerOfRNDR ⚠️
“GPU cloud rendering is transforming the media & entertainment industry... We’re thrilled to be part of @OTOY’s #RNDR Network & deliver enterprise level hybrid GPU cloud rendering w/ Microsoft Azure & NVIDIA GPU nodes.” - Mark Miller, Sr. Director, Media & Entertainment, @Azure - https://home.otoy.com/otoy-showcases-rndr-network-new-arnold-azure-integrations-gtc-digital/
“By collaborating w/ @OTOY we hope to provide Arnold customers w/ the speed & scalability they need to meet demand & stay productive.” - Frederic Servant, Sr Software Development Manager, @arnoldrenderer
Notice: The Network will be undergoing maintenance planned for tomorrow 11-3PM PST. Please follow @rendertoken and we will let you know once the maintenance is completed and network use is resumed.
“The ability to access NVIDIA GPU acceleration in the cloud through the @OTOY #RNDR Network on Microsoft #Azure provides one of the most powerful, flexible & scalable solutions for production #rendering available today.” - Bob Pette, VP of Professional Visualization, #NVIDIA