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Secret links will be hidden at specific dates in the blog, docs, and codebase of Block Collider. Hints and announcements regarding these links are in this channel. Good luck!
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Update: 74 players have at least one question. 36 have more than 1 question. Hint #2.5—an IP address based on the index of the blinking grey circles.
Hint #3: Difficulty 6: Many dimensions are only assign membership to abelian groups when the prolbem is chain complex.
Hint #3.5: Update the council of reeds are working together to make this a better place.
Hint #4: Difficulty 6: Not all roots can have a stake.
Hint #2.5 [cont.]:
Update: Hint #5 in 2 minutes.
Hint #5: Difficulty 5: This status is given to proposals with a corresponding censorship token to guarantee content has integrity and is transparent.
Update: A few people are about to become Evangelists.
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Update: Hint #6 in 2 minutes.
Update: Drink water, congrats noble competitors, one hour down. 3 individuals are one question away.
Hint #6: Posted to the Bitcoin Talk forum immediately preceding the creation of Decred.
Update: 20 players are on the brink of becoming an Evangelist.
Update: Congratulations to our newest Block Collider Evangelist from BCE3 after 1 hour 11 minutes.
Update: Hint #7 in 2 minutes.
Hint #7: Bounding and boundless technology
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Update: Congratulations to the 23 new Evangelists.
Welcome 66 new Evangelists! Congratulations on the monumental effort. Just under 1.5 hours with almost 3k competitors on the site. Will post a recap tomorrow evening.
Evangelists: expect Block Collider Basecamp invitations to start arriving in your inbox this evening between 9-10PM EST.
All Evangelist Invitations have been sent. Please notify the team at if you have not recieved your invitation. Enjoy the ascent!