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Secret links will be hidden at specific dates in the blog, docs, and codebase of Block Collider. Hints and announcements regarding these links are in this channel. Good luck!
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You can still submit questions once all winning allocations have been claimed. In the event a KYC application fails the allocation will be passed to the next individual in order who found the most points.
Status Update: All allocations have been claimed. Congratulations new Evangelists!
Status Update: Evangelist Event 2 Answer Key is now available at More than 3000 people were searching the site, 1900 people watching the Evangelist Event Channel. The hints— difficulty at which they were solved was incredibly advanced, at this point the acceptance rate to get into Harvard is 10 times higher than it is to win an Evangelist event. We are thinking of ways to switch up the expertise required for Block Collider Evangelist Event 3. It will certainly focus less on developers and more on content, the white paper, and documentation. It also has two HUGE announcements and guest super stars (even Spec might be convinced to make a cameo again). Over all this momentum is exactly what is needed as we focus on propelling Emblems into the mainstream eye. Congratulations again to the 66 new Evangelists!
3000 players, 21 impossibly difficult questions and you have Evangelist Events 1 and 2. Now combine all that and you must to be an expert in two blockchains.

Get ready for Evangelist Event 3.
Always take a deep dive into the code base of any project. Live streaming from a camera in a literal deep dive we have hidden underwater the first hints for and @decredproject & @blockcollider. Final Evangelist Event is June 22nd at 9PM EST.
Tonight, 9PM EST June 22nd (in 12 hours) is the final Evangelist Event! Compete or watch at . You can win if you are an expert in @blockcollider or @decredproject. Details . You have deep dived the code base, for the next clue it’s time to enter the matrix:
Update: 4 players have solved Hint 1. Hint #2 at 9:15PM.
Update: 29 players have solved Hint 1. 36 combined players have solved 1 question. Hint #2 in 5 minutes.
Update: 43 players combined have answered at least 1 question. 34 have solved Hint #1.
Hint #2.5: The order of the gray is an address without characters.
Update: 0 players have solved Hint #2, 36 players have solved Hint #1.
Update: Hint #3 in 5 minutes