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Peepal Farm is a place for animals to heal and be heard. To that end we run an animal rescue, and a social enterprise in Village Dhanotu, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, and do a lot of awareness videos.
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Alif, Laila, and Matki are getting comfortable. A little too comfortable.
Your donations at work! आप लोगों का सहयोग है कि हम कि हम इतने पशुओं का यहां पर खाने-पीने का इंतजाम कर पाते हैं।
Forwarded from Tushar Sinha
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Bajrangi is fully healed. He was released today. We put a reflective collar on him. This is always bitter sweet. We will post a video about him tomorrow around 1:00pm on our Facebook page
Aapka is baare mein kya mat hai? Umeed hai ki lefr aur right ki kheench taan mein asal mudda kho nahi jaayega.

Do you have an opinion about this? I hope the issue is not lost in the tussle between the left and the right.
Agar aap log apne rescues share kar ke badaliyon ko inspire karna chahte hain, aur farm ke light moments se bhi jure rehna chahte hain, to zaroor join kariye.

Jab join karenge to kuch reason jaroor dijiyega join karne ka!
कल यह तीन भाई अपनी मां के कहने पर इस बेचारे बछु को यहां लाए हैं।
Going live on IG ( at 12:15pm today with Vegan Bodybuilder Sam Vas (
I will be live on Facebook ( tomorrow @ 11:00am to give you an updates from this past week on Pizza, Pogo, Nandan, Kiki, Honey Bunny and more - Robin
Neelkanth has just come in. He was roaming with a rope so right that it cut into his neck.
"Shambhu" has healed fully and has been released. He had come with an injury between his eyes.
अगर आप वीगन है और गर्मियों में फिर भी छाछ लस्सी का मजा उठाना चाहते हैं तो यह रेसिपी ट्राई करिए। अगर बीगन नहीं भी हैं और जिम जाते हैं तो भी आपके लिए अच्छी रहेगी।
हर हफ्ते 11:00 बजे मैं आपको पूरे हफ्ते का अपडेट देने के लिए एक वीडियो बिल्कुल मौके पर शूट कर के, बिना एडिट किए, अपलोड किया करूंगा फिर रविवार को 11:00 बजे हम एक जगह बैठकर सवाल जवाब कर सकते हैं :)

I will be uploading these unedited, shot-right-before-upload on Saturdays around 11am and then will do a LIVE QnA every Sunday at 11 sitting in one place.