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Peepal Farm is a place for animals to heal and be heard. To that end we run an animal rescue, and a social enterprise in Village Dhanotu, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, and do a lot of awareness videos.
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एक और बिल्ली का बच्चा; इसका एक्सीडेंट हुआ है। और शायद यह कभी ठीक चल नहीं पाएगी। आशा करते हैं कि इसको भी उतनी ही जल्दी घर मिल जाएगा जितना जल्दी बाकी दोनों को मिला
Main kal 11:00 baje subah live karunga. Kuch naye cases, kuch pehle walo ke updates, aur ek achi khabar bhi hai.

I will be live tomorrow at 11:00 and we will need a lot of new rescues (and residents) who have come in, and I'll also share a new developement.

- Robin
Just wanted to send a quick reminder. This group is meant as space where all of us people - who have come together as we care, whether about dogs, cows, humans or any other animal - can talk to each other. If you want to contact Peepal Farm, the only way is to email If you want to contact me (Robin), then email
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अच्छा लगता है ना जब जिन्होंने रेस्क्यू कॉल किया हो वह ना सिर्फ फॉलो अप भी करें बल्कि आ कर उनको ब्रेड भी खिलाएं । रेस्क्यू फोन कॉल से शुरू होता है खत्म नहीं 🙏🏽
Someone's cow shed caught fire :/ We are treating her on the spot. I might visit the location today, and if I do, I will do a video.
Make sure you get notified! There is a great interview coming up today!
मध्य प्रदेश के सागर जिले में वासु जी हैं जो सिर्फ चौथी कक्षा तक पढ़े हैं लेकिन बड़ी-बड़ी सर्जरी भी कर लेते हैं ऐसी की जो हमें जाकर पालमपुर करानी पड़ती है! तो मेरी उनसे बात हुई मैं वह आपसे बात शेयर कर रहा हूं
There are two types of question pairs I get often after we did

Have I stopped eating now? What about all the suffering building Peepal Farm caused? And
What's my take on suicide to end your own suffering? How do I maintain my hope alive inspite of being empathetic?

Answering these are probably gonna be like pulling on loose thread and more questions will come up, so I will do a live at 12:50pm on our Facebook page just talking about these (in Hindi). Feel free to join in the conversation.
Finally have an AC in the OT. So no more sweating during surgeries (which can be risky if you have an animal opened up on the table). Thanks Bhindi for your support!
I will be doing a live tomorrow at 11:00am at to give you updates about the whole past week.