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Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, the Prayer Service & Bible Study tomorrow evening have been cancelled.
Services & events this weekend!

Tonight: No Vespers Service

Yard Sale at 7-11am.
Confessions from 5:30pm then Vigil at 6pm.

Divine Liturgy 8:30am, followed by Coffee Hour.
Sunday School 11am (No Online Sunday School this week).
Catechism Q&A for Session 4 at 7pm.
Yesterday we had a Yard Sale fundraiser! Many people worked hard to make the morning a success! Thank you to all who donated & volunteered their time & effort. We raised over $1,300!

There will be another Yard Sale coming up soon! More info to follow soon. 

(See the church Facebook Page for more pics).
This coming Saturday we will be hosting Bishop George!
HAOC is now registered with Containers for Change!

Containers for Change is a recycling program where eligible items (cans, glass bottles etc) are taken to Refund Locations where a 10 cent refund is given for each item. 

Now that HAOC is registered, when you return these items to a Refund Location you can donate your 10 cent refund directly to HAOC using the Scheme ID below. 

For more information on Containers for Change see: https://www.containersforchange.com.au/qld/

Thank you for your support!
Reminder: No Prayer Service or Bible Study tonight!
Services & events this weekend!

Tonight: 5pm Vespers

Saturday: 9am Bishop George Visit
6pm Vigil, with Confessions from 5:30pm

Sunday: 8:30am Divine Liturgy (followed by Coffee Hour)
11am Sunday School
1:30pm Online Sunday School
7pm Catechism Q&A for Session 5

Monday: 5pm Matins

Tuesday: 7am Divine Liturgy
Our next Garage Sale Fundraiser is on Sunday 3rd December! Let your friends & family know. Come along & get a bargain.
The Nativity Fast begins today!

Tonight there is Matins at 5pm & tomorrow morning Divine Liturgy at 7am.

This upcoming weekend we have a:
Garage Sale on Saturday as well as the Men's Prayer Group at Dutton Park (message for location details).
On Wednesday night we have a Prayer Service, followed by a shared meal then Bible Study on Genesis 9.

Bible Study is in person at HAOC and on Zoom.

(The Prayer Service is for the Blessing of Items, please bring along any items that you would like to have blessed.)