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Hello! Here you will find news and updates which are effective immediately.

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I was discharged around 9am. I'm experiencing quite an anomaly that even the doctors are unsure of. Best way I can describe it is an allergic reaction.

My entire body, yes every single inch is coveted is such severe hives that my ears and eyes have swollen shut. My joints are so stiff I can't move, even typing this is extremely difficult.

I did receive cream and medicine for my hives but unfortunately they aren't really helping. I wanted to thank everyone for there concerns.

I'm embarrassed on how I look. I don't even want to leave my room because I look like Freddy Kruger. πŸ₯²

I'm hoping to sleep all afternoon and pray the swelling goes down. Doing any task right now is very difficult.

I may try an oatmeal bath, if anyone has powered oatmeal please reach out to me πŸ˜­πŸ™
Thank you to my assistant for setting up the table all by himself and running it while I've been in bed πŸ₯ΊπŸ’–

Lots of stuff packed in there since it's ny smallest table ever! You can juuuuussst see the pride blankets with the tails and balaclavas in the back there. πŸ˜…
The dealers den at CanFURence is open for its final day! I got lots of tails, PRIDE bandanas, and Trans balaclavas left!
I have FINALLY gotten a Blue Sky invite! Please give me a follow there if you can πŸ’–
Going to WPFCon? Here's where to find me in the dealers den! My last convention of the summer, take a journey with me to FurryLand! πŸ„πŸ°
πŸ„ Adventure to FurryLand! 🐰

All set up for my last con of the summer! If you're in the Winnipeg area come check out WPFCon this weekend πŸ’–
Hello everyone! I just finished my last convention for the summer. I will not be attending anything until (possibly) Furry Migration for Funsies in September. My next actual con that I'm dealing at is in November for Howloween.

I wanted to thank everyone for your patience and continued support. I will get back to cracking away at the Queue next week πŸ’–
Just look at this soft baby πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

Here's a premade I will have available at Howloween! I plan on having 1 more ready for that con as well 🌸🐱
Here's 2 batches of the Bluey badge commissions I have done this past year.

Please see my social media for openings for these.
Batch 3 of some headshot badges I did this year!
Who's gunna be the first to 🎁?

Use "onixangel10" for the next 12 hours for a deal 😎

It's time to hit up the arcade! πŸ•ΉπŸ‘Ύ

Join me in a few days for CozyCons September event!

CozyCon is a FREE to attend virtual event taking place through Discord, Twitch, And VRChat. For more information go to: https://cozycononline.carrd.co/

If you're joing in VRChat come check out my booth!

‼️ I'm also offering 10% off in my shop during the event! Use code "COZYCON23" ‼️


Hope to see everyone around the arcade this weekend!
Happy #FursuitFriday from Valentine and Asa!
Here are the completed badges I did for WPFC back in August. The theme was "Adventures in Furryland" πŸ„πŸ°
Happy #Onixtober! πŸŽƒπŸ²πŸͺ‘🎨

Got any photos of merch, fursuits, or artwork that I've made? Share them using the hashtag!