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Hello! Here you will find news and updates which are effective immediately.

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Here's my current prices for both Art and Fursuits.

Interested in commissioning? Please check out my website!




Feel free to also reach out to me on Discord/Telegram as well.
Heres a preview of the themed Badges I will be offering for Fur-Eh this year! More details on pre-orders will come closer to the con.
📝 Tax season is here! 📝

And my fursuit applications are still open. 😻

Had a good return? Nows your chance to get the fursuit of your dreams


A perfect fur sandwich
My Etsy shop will be closed until April 18th to participate in the strike against Etsy.

Etsy has been constantly increasing there fees and its gotten to the point where many of us aren't making money anymore.

You can read more about it here:


I encourage everyone to consider using different platforms like Shopify, Storenvy, or artists personal webstores.
Here's a preview of TSparkle! Unfortunately I didn't have time to model the suit so once I get pictures of her wearing it I will share them with everyone.

Look for her at PAX East!
Summer is coming and cons are back in full swing!

I'm offering a Spring 💲ALE on suit c0mmissi0ns!!

To hop in on this Sweet deal please fill out a quote form on my website: www.onixangelcreations.com
Finished paw commission for Alex Wolf! 🐺💕
Happy #FursuitFriday
Here's a minty Folf Deer head I finished recently 💖
Exciting news! I will be streaming Klace's new game Komorebi (first chapter) tomorrow at 10 AM PT/12 PM CST.

No mic or VTuber so folks can hear the sweet voice acting.

Catch me live here: www.twitch.tv/that_sky_noodle
Happy #FursuitFriday ! Here's my half of a trade I did with @Eelowyn <3