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Rs. 501 Learn "Online Switchwords Course " ( Basic and Advanced Secrets)

1) Course time / Videos - 4 videos with 2 hours content

2) Course Book - Yes, its colored PDF file with more than 60-page content with 100+ ready to use Switchwords and energy Circles + Empty energy circles

3) After course discussions - www.Pandit.com/Forums/

4) Quick Switchwords List - yes in Book and you can discuss in forums too

ONLY for - Rs. 501/- only (for only 45 buyers)

Course Lessons
Lesson 1 - https://www.pandit.com/online-lessons/introduction-to-switchwords/

Lesson 2 - https://www.pandit.com/online-lessons/classes-of-switchwords/

Lesson 3 - https://www.pandit.com/online-lessons/implementation-of-switchwords/

Lesson 4 - https://www.pandit.com/online-lessons/the-concept-of-energy-circle/

Lesson 5 - https://www.pandit.com/online-lessons/switchwords-course-content/

Order Now - https://www.pandit.com/shop/switchwords-course/

Wish you all Success

Rahul Kaushl
Occult Master
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Switchword course help - in case u are not able to see videos or next lecture then logout at pandit.com and re login then ull be able too see
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सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः
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