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🛠 New Update 🛠

👉 4 New domains added (from 52 to 55 included)
👉 Adding a dark mode 🌚 (you are obliged to use it lol)
👉 There are no sharp corners now. All boxes are curved just like the Google search box (except the captcha one because i can't do it)

🐞 Report any bugs at @msgsuitechat
Sent me any improvement ideas at @msgsuitechat
🛠 New Update 🛠

👉 A warning popup to prevent abuse is now displayed every time you visit the site (so you can't say you don't know)
👉 The website is now way more responsive than before

👉 5 New domains added (from 56 to 60 included)

🐞 Report any bugs at @msgsuitechat
Sent me any improvement ideas at @msgsuitechat
🛠 New Update 🛠

👉 Everything is now centered !
👉 I've added a background to the status so that you can always see them
👉 The website is now faster than ever before ⚡️
👉 Telegram buttons are now smaller and rounded

👉 12 New domains added (from 60 to 72 included)

Join the semi-public shared drive where you can contribute
🐞 Report any bugs and send improvement ideas at @msgsuitechat
🛠 New Update 🛠

👉 A random option has been added (and it's selected by default)
👉 The captcha is now verified to add an extra security (thanks to Albert Einstein ❤️)
👉 11 New domains added (from 72 to 83 included)

👉🏿 The source code is now public

Join the semi-public shared drive where you can contribute
🐞 Report any bugs and send improvement ideas at @msgsuitechat
🛠 New Update 🛠

📜 New tutorials :
📙 How to create service accounts (sa)
📕 How to duplicate team drives (with server side copy)
📘 Create a shared drive generator website

👉 Domains 11, 31, 44 and 54 fixed

Join the semi-public shared drive where you can contribute
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♥️ Thanks & New Update 🛠

💙 Thanks
First of all, I want to thanks all of you for being here, helping each other (including me 😆) and contributing to the shared drives!
A few days ago, we reached 2k members in this channel, and today a thousandth person joined the chat.
This is an outstanding achievement that was only possible thanks to all of you!
When I launched this project three months ago, I had no idea you would be using the website so much, but as I write this, we have passed the 60k drives created 🤯!
Thank you again for contributing to this community. ❤️

🛠 New Update 🛠
👉 All non-working domains have been fixed
👉 17 new domains added (from 83 to 💯)

👉 I saw that some of you were having difficulties understanding the tutorials I've made, so I've recorded videos for each tutorial (⚡️CloneBot, Generating Service accounts, and to create a Shared drive generator website) to help you

Join the semi-public shared drive where you can contribute
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🛠 New Update 🛠

👉 All non-working domains have been fixed
👉 50 (yes 50) new domains have been added (from 100 to 150)

👉🏿 New UI when creating the shared drives, when there is an error and when the shared drive is created
👉🏿 I have added a Info & Help (commun questions) section to the website

👉🏽 You can find the new code of the website on GitHub

Join the semi-public shared drive where you can contribute
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🛠 New Update 🛠

📊 Few statistics
🚀 12k Shared drives have been created in the entreprise subscription (domain 100). All these 12k drives are used to store more than 21.6Pb of data. This subscription is active since May 2021
🚀 Globally, more than 47k requests are made each weeks on the website. Most of them are from 🇮🇳 India
🚀 Since 2/4/2021, almost 240k captcha has been server and more than 162k has been verified

👉 All non-working domains have been fixed (Kindly report all non working ones to @msgsuitebot)

👉🏽 If you have any suggestions to improve the website, feel free to suggest them at @msgsuitebot

👉🏽 If you have a google account that can create shared drives and you want to add it to the website, contact me at @msgsuitebot

👉🏿 Don't forget to join our chat: @msgsuitechat

Join the semi-public shared drive where you can contribute
💬 Chat with us at @msgsuitechat
Dear subscribers,

Not so long ago, we reached 8k500 subscribers in this channel and 3k600 members in the chat ! This is a huge and impressive achievement for a 9 month old community.
To thank you for supporting the MsGsuite community, I've started a giveaway in the chat where you are able to win some Google NPO, Office 365, Mega, Betternet (and more) accounts. Thank you again for this huge achievement and road to 10k 🚀!
🍀 Good luck everyone!

Note: None of the given prizes are hacked accounts. They will all be created for the winners.

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Dear subscribers,

🎁 Recently, we reached 10k subscribers in the channel. To thank you for this impressive achievement and because it's Christmas son, with the help of some amazing and generous members, we've prepared an exclusive Christmas giveaway that you can join here: (over now)

🔒 As some of you may have noticed, google has strengthen their security concerning the google cloud plateforme (that I use to automate the creation of shared drives) that makes the process to add new domains to the website a lot harder (you can learn more about this here: I haven't changed my determination and I will do everything possible to fix non working domains and add new ones. Also, if you want to contribute to the website by adding your account in it, you can contact me here: @msgsuitebot.

📂 Google is also making changes concerning the sharing option of google drive content to avoid abuse of their services. Now files can and will be flagged by google. You won't be able to download/watch the flagged files unless you're the owner. You can learn more about these new restrictions here and here

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🎂 Today is the 1 year anniversary of @msgsuite !

It's been a year since @MsGsuite exists!
During this year, wonderful things happened.
When I launched the website, there were only 18 domains and during the year, thanks to your contributions, we reached 151 domains and 12k members in the channel! Thank you so much for your support ❤️

🛠 New Update 🛠

👉 Domain 01, 07, 10, 47, 98 fixed
👉 You can now use the following domain to access the generator: (as well as

📚 New tutorials

👉🏽 How to get office 365 + OneDrive 25Tb for free
👉🏽 Free abundant cloud storage

👉🏿 Also I made a first version of a dark theme for google drive that you can find here (the google team seems too lazy to make one).

📈 You can find the statistics about our telegram & website here

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Dear members,
You may have noticed that it's been a few days that the website is down. This is due to some DDOS attacks from Germany

Unfortunately, even with the highest Cloudflare security option, the DDOS is still happening and consume all daily requests possible.

I tried to deploy a mirror of the website in the group to bypass the DDOS but, after sharing the link in the group, the mirror has been instantly DDOS as well.

After a little digging, I found that other shared drives generator were DDOS as well (request limits reached) so I end up thinking that google may be the origin of the DDOS.
The recent
@vanced announcement are just confirming my thoughts: google is doing everything possible to shut down all projects/services/apps/website that bother them.

For the moment, I don't have any ways to put the website back online except by paying a Cloud flare subscription that allows more requests per day BUT, I won't do it to stay anonymous.

I apologize for the inconveniences and I hope I will be able to find an alternative/workaround asap to be able to provide the service again.

We found some alternatives that will be ready in the coming hours. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your support :)

If you are looking for free abundant cloud storage, you can read this tutorial:

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🛠 New Update 🛠

🌐 The Shared drive website has a new domain name: !
The old domain will be removed in a few months to prevent DDOS attacks.

🤖 To allow you to create shared drives even though the website is unavailable, we made a new bot: @MSGuite_SD_Creator_Bot
As we are testing the bot with a high number of users for the first time, it may be unstable or slow. If a shared drive creation doesn't works, please try again.
Is the bot isn't responding, please send us a message at @msgsuitebot
We are experiencing some technical issues. The bot will be online asap. Sorry for this.
Also, to prevent abuse, every users can create 5 drives max with the bot.

👉 Domains 1; 3; 4; 11 fixed
Domain 3 is a trial of a business subscription that will be available for 2 weeks

👉 A new page with the bot link has been created and will be displayed instead of the generator in case of DDOS.

🎁 Contest! Design the bot logo and win a google NPO account!
earn more here: Over now

Millions thanks to Albert Einstein who made the bot possible and for his amazing dev skills ;)

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🚀 We have recently reached 21k subscribers in the channel and 11k in the main chat!
This is a huge step for this more than 1 year old community.

🎁 To thank you for this impressive achievement, I've created a new giveaway: ended
Winners will be announced here @msgsuitechat the 07/22/2022. Please join the chat:

📰 News 📰

🗓 As you may have noticed, the July 2022 deadline has been reached and a lot of shared drives were deleted to match the new storage policy. We can't restore your data.

🆕 To help admins manage their storage usage, google introduced new tools for the subscription admin. They are now able to sort shared drive by storage usage and delete them with only one click (see pics).

🛠 New Update 🛠

⚡️ CloneBot has been updated to v2 thanks to @TheCaduceusUPDATE

👉 The website is now faster.

👉 @MSGuite_SD_Creator_Bot is back online : )

❤️ Thank you again for your amazing support!

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Dear MsgSuite Community,

I'm writing to share some bittersweet news with you all. After much consideration, I have made the difficult decision to end my services due to personal reasons (not legal ones). It is a decision that saddens me deeply, as I have cherished our time together and the growth of this community.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support, engagement, and fidelity have made MsgSuite an extraordinary space. I am truly grateful for the connections we've forged and the knowledge we've shared.

Please be assured that your current subscription will remain active. I appreciate your loyalty, and it's important to me that you're taken care of even as I step away.

While MsgSuite, as you know it, will come to a close, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. There may be new projects in the future that will make use of this channel, and I hope you'll choose to stay with us. Together, we can embark on new ventures and continue to foster our remarkable community.

In the meantime, I encourage you to stay connected with one another. Keep the discussions alive, support each other, and nurture the relationships we've built. The bonds formed within MsgSuite are precious, and I have no doubt they will endure beyond this chapter.

Once again, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your presence in this community. You have made a lasting impact, and I am truly honored to have been part of your journey. Please stay tuned for any future updates and announcements that may come through this channel.

Wishing you all the best in your personal and professional endeavors. Thank you for being an integral part of the MsgSuite community.

Warm regards,

The MSGsuite owner