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I just had a phenomenal (heh) conversation with Dr. Alexander Dugin about the Twin Peaks universe. Galaxy brain episode!

Direct link:

Thank you for all the questions and comments!
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Slightly delayed, but VILE episode 2 is 10 minutes away
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What happens when you’re accused of being ‘a racist’ is that you have to prove why you’re not. Already, you’re on the back foot. They shoot, and you dance. As Tommy so often protests, ‘what have I said that’s racist?’, well…it doesn’t matter to them. You just are.
Dear friends and fans,

As alluded to in my recent AMAs, I have said pretty much all I have to say about nationalist topics.

For the foreseeable future, I will be taking a break from the "Britnat" movement. I will no longer be involved in or associated with any organisations. I will not be appearing at events nor helping out behind the scenes. I want to be free of the movement and I think the time is right for it to be free of me; my contribution belongs to a certain era, which is now passing.

I have quite a number of "nationalist type" videos already made or partially made. They will be published in short order over the next few weeks. Beyond that, my focus will be on self-improvement. It has become clear to me that I should focus on this, because my life is not as under control as it should be.

My channel, as its name would suggest, was always supposed to be about healing from the damage of modernity and becoming the best person you can be in these times. After so long looking outward at society and the movement, I want to look inward, and deal with the character flaws that I have neglected. People look up to me; it is not right for me to allow them to do so, unless I can improve substantially from my flawed state. That will now be my main concern. It might be that I need some professional therapy - for stress and addiction - though I cannot be sure at this point.

The Britnat movement is in very good condition. Never in my six years of involvement have things looked as bright for it as they do now. I give my best regards to all of those involved in it and my thanks to so many of them for helping me along the way, and I wish them luck for the future.

Dear friends and fans,

For a number of reasons, I cannot comment on the rumours and allegations just now. A few of them are true, many are not. I will address them in due course but right now I need to step back and take care of myself.

I would ask people not to spread rumours or speculate about anybody's motivations. It is natural that people are curious for details so that they can make up their minds, but these are very sensitive issues and we should respect the privacy of third parties who are involved.

I would also ask people not to attack Mark Collett or Patriotic Alternative. Further division in the movement is not helpful for anyone.

I am very sorry for letting people down. I am far from being a perfect man, and recent events have highlighted a number of issues in my personal life that clearly need to be addressed. I intend to take some time away to actively work on my personal failings in a productive and sincere manner. When I return to my channel, it will be with an explanation of the various allegations as well as an update on my progress.

RIP Simon Harris, 1960-2020. A real and tragic loss of a kind, thoughtful, intelligent and level-headed man. He will be dearly missed.