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Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News
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I said I was going to publish an Australian policeman’s email that he sent to me earlier.

That will follow.

Thank you Craig for being so brave and having a conscience for what is right, good and proper.

More police need to take your lead.
Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News
I have always done my upmost to be a good employee of Victoria Police and always been willing to personally sacrifice to aid the organization in meeting its’ Tasking and Coordination commitments, however I must now draw a line and take a stand by speaking out against our current approach to Policing this situation, which I believe is causing irreparable harm to our relationship with the community and sewing a distrust in Police by the citizens of Victoria that we have all worked so hard to gain. I fear that lost trust will never be regained, certainly not through force, intimidation, coercion and threats.

I therefore, with respect, due to my own conscience, decline to be a part of any activity that I believe breaches the Human Rights of any Victorian citizen who choose to not comply with the current lockdown measures and threats of segregation and discrimination through vaccine mandates by the state government.

I only hope that you can clearly see that my feelings are sincere, genuine and comes from my position of what I believe to be ethically fair and reasonable.

I also hope that others within our organization, who hold similar beliefs to myself, who whisper those beliefs but dare not speak out from fear of retribution, find the courage to also express their discontent regarding this situation.

I understand that there will be some within our organization that view my position negatively, however what others think of me pales in comparison to how I feel about myself and my own conduct. My honor and self respect mean far more to me than anything and I cannot allow myself to blindly follow or carry out unjust orders.

It is my sincere hope that raising this issue does not negatively impact my future with Victoria Police as I fully intend to continue to protect my community with pride, honor, respect and dignity.

Yours sincerely and respectfully,

Senior Constable

(police number and station redacted)

September 18, 2021

After the Taliban strengthened their navy and sent the first troops out to sea (Fig. 1), the Bundeswehr, on orders from AKK, immediately dispatched its modern floating tank fleet (Fig. 2) to defend Germany's maritime border at the Hindukush!

#taliban #bundeswehr #seegrenze #schwimmpanzer #seechachtamhindukusch
Forwarded from Siegfried Daebritz
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Jeden Tag, jede Stunde. . . .

#Ungarn: Zahl der Festnahmen von illegalen #Migranten an der Grenze stark angestiegen - Bis Mitte September dieses Jahres seien 73.617 Personen festgenommen worden, im Vergleich zu 21.992 im gleichen Zeitraum des Vorjahres sagte György Bakondi
Forwarded from DasOrakel
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So geht das!
Australien zeigt wie's geht!
Zusammenhalt macht stark!
Das sind alles "Gesundheitsministerinnen"...
... hat da noch jemand Fragen?

They are all "health ministers" ...
... does anyone have any questions?
Forwarded from Siegfried Daebritz
Ja natüüüürlich hat sich die bereichernde Vielfalt Sorgen gemacht. . . . . .

+++ "Die 27-jährige Frau war vom Durlacher Bahnhof kommend zu Fuß über die Ernst-Friedrich-Straße und dann in der Killisfeldstraße unterwegs. Mehrmals sei sie auf ihrem Weg von einem jungen Mann angesprochen worden und war der Annahme, der Unbekannte mache sich um ihr Wohlbefinden sorgen, zumal sie auch alkoholisiert war", so die Polizei in einer Pressemitteilung. +++;art6066,2703486