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Here at Leyes Media our goal is to level up your brand exponentially to get the recognition you deserve when someone googles your name.

We work with +85 publications, for example:
• Forbes
• VentureBeat
• Maxim Magazine
• Entrepreneur
• Tech Times
& many more.

Our links
Instagram: https://Instagram.com/LeyesMedia
Facebook: https://Instagram.com/LeyesMedia
Twitter: https://Instagram.com/LeyesMedia
Website: https://LeyesMedia.com

Here's the basic step-by-step rundown of what we usually do to get the perfect results:
1. We consult with you first, making sure we can deliver the results you desire and to help us learn more about your brand
2. An article is written about you or your brand that is suitable for top tier publishers.
3. The article is then featured in publications of your choice gaining yourself or your brand extra traffic and recognition.
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