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Tomorrow on Leaders of Africa Live we consider the challenges of conducting research surveys in the COVID-19 era, as well as the opportunities. Our esteemed panelists include Boniface Dulani who is the Director of Survey of Afrobarometer and a Senior Partner at the Institute of Public Opinion and Research (IPOR) - Malawi. We are also joined by Dr. Bell Ihua who is the Executive Director of Africa Polling Institute and a Principal Consultant at DBI Analytics Consulting.

We discuss the importance of surveys and how we can ensure that data collection is safe for all involved. We will also discuss recent survey results. Join us at leadersofafrica.org/live - 12.30 PM UTC.

Register for a reminder - bit.ly/africasurveys
There are many ways to network and discuss themes ranging from public health to politics. Join the new Discord server and private Facebook group » leadersofafrica.org/connect
Enter our next Discord Discussion about youth unemployment data and policymaking. These informal discussions allow you to share your thoughts and ask questions of our resident experts. To get started, register and join the Leaders of Africa official Discord server - leadersofafrica.org/connect. And, we'll see you on Friday!
Let's talk about youth unemployment. Tomorrow (Friday) at 12.30 PM UTC, we kick off the conversation in our Discord Community. Think WhatsApp + Zoom + Slack = Discord. It's easy to join, follow the event, and participate in the open mic! Simply visit leadersofafrica.org/connect.
Take a look at the great recent work from the Africa Polling Institute (API) based in Nigeria. API considered the reasons why Nigerians decide to move to Canada. On September 15th, we will have a Zoom hangout considering reasons behind migration. View the API findings here - https://africapolling.org/2020/03/03/deconstructing-the-canada-rush/
Coming up next Tuesday, a live meeting on Zoom to discuss migration. The format for the hangout will be a brief presentation on recent research and data followed by a moderated audience discussion. The connection link is available on our live events page - leadersofafrica.org/live or sign up for a reminder at leadershangout2020.eventbrite.com. We look forward to hanging out on Tuesday!
Tomorrow is Hangouts! Join us on Zoom for a discussion about the causes and consequences of migration. It begins at 12.30 PM UTC and the connection link can be found at leadersofafrica.org/live. Bring your thoughts and your questions, and let's discuss!
ICYMI - We discuss the "Cuties controversy," Edo State elections, a possible 3rd term for Alassane Ouattara, social media regulation in Uganda, and Akua Donkor. Join us for This Week, a program that discusses the week in news from popular culture to politics.

Watch the full show - https://youtu.be/G4aIg0GY2No
How would you assess your government's communication during national crises? The global pandemic has exposed different communications approaches. Next Tuesday we learn about the differing strategies and engage in a moderated discussion on Leaders of Africa Hangouts.

Join us on Zoom at leadersofafrica.org/live
Your Saturday Read 📈 - Africa is a young continent with almost 60% of its population under the age of 25 years. However, many young people on the continent of Africa are unemployed or underemployment. This means that many young people settle for low wage and low productivity jobs, including in the informal sector. Check out this overview of existing data on youth unemployment and share your thoughts in the comments section - https://www.leadersofafrica.org/analysis/youth-unemployment-dilemma-in-africa-recent-data/
Your Weekend Read - Access to the internet is paramount to freedom of speech and association. However, some governments have shut down the internet. Why? - http://democracyinafrica.org/internet_shutdowns_in_africa/
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Next Tuesday on Hangouts! As seen in recent years, internet shutdowns have become prevalent in many parts of Africa especially during contested elections or major protests. While we have known that these crackdowns stifle citizens’ right to basic government information, and pose threats to the democratic process, recent studies are revealing that internet shutdowns are costing Africa’s economy billions of dollars.

How are internet shutdowns impacting Africa’s development? In Hangouts, we look at the political and socio-economy consequences of restricting internet access. Join the conversation!

Tuesday, October 13 at 12.30 PM UTC and hosted by Gloria Nzeka
Register - https://bit.ly/2GwmU1u
Tomorrow at 1 PM Nigeria / 12 PM UTC, Leaders of Africa Live presents a conversation about #EndSARS and the implications for broader reform in Nigeria. Join the conversation at leadersofafrica.org/live and hear from Omowumi Ogunrotimi, Ayodeji Obelawo, and Kola Osinowo. The audience can call in via WhatsApp +12027432210 and on Discord. It should be a very insightful discussion.
If you are new to the Leaders of Africa Official Telegram group, welcome! If you have been with us for some time, we hope you are having a wonderful week. Although many of you have applied already, we wanted to remind you that the deadline for applications is tomorrow (April 1st). The Admissions Committee meets early next week to make decisions on admissions. We are here to give you updates and additional opportunities in the research, data science, and tech space.

To apply, kindly use this link ➡️ https://bit.ly/ResearchMethods2022

Stay tuned for some great private streams via Telegram coming up!
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Welcome again to the Leaders of Africa Official Telegram Channel. This week, we highlight ongoing preparation for the flagship Research Methods Program 2022, Research Scholar Alums and research, and opportunities for Impact Research.

For the past month, the Institute has been preparing for the opening of the Research Methods Program 2022. With just under two weeks, the Institute is beginning instructional walkthroughs and technical checks in the Digital Education Studios. To enhance the learning experience, we employ advanced digital tools and platforms that drive an interactive, personal, and feedback learning experience no matter where our Research Scholars join.
Welcome to the Official Leaders of Africa Telegram Group if you are just joining! This is your channel to learn more about opportunities at Leaders of Africa and information about digital skills, including research, data science, and tech.

This week on Monday Thoughts, we shared a photo of Prof. Olayinka Yusuf of Nigeria who is a Research Scholar in the Research Methods Program. Last week, Leaders of Africa Institute Research Scholars carried out focus across over 20 countries related to their research in the ongoing program. Like all programs at the Institute, methodological pluralism is welcome - ranging from participant observation approaches to machine learning AI.
We have an exciting announcement today! As you may know, Leaders of Africa and the Institute will be visiting Kenya, Ghana, and the African Union over the next five weeks. We are looking forward to conversations with partner universities, organizations, and companies that extend Leaders of Africa's impact.

We encourage you, if you are nearby, to join in-person and learn more. To help facilitate meetups, we ask that you complete this quick survey >> https://zfrmz.com/uhIOzluOmvOS6u8dzgp3

If your country is not included in the Future of Ed Partnership Tour 2022, we will be visiting partners in other countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, and Zimbabwe - among others at the beginning of 2023. Our network and programs span 30 African countries. We look forward to getting to meet you and sharing learning and professional opportunities in the next few weeks and into the future.

Take care!
It is time for the first program opening of 2023! Applications for the flagship Design + Design for Development Program 2023 at the Leaders of Africa Institute are now open. Are you interested in analyzing and visualizing data to make data-driven decisions?

In the Data + Design for Development Program, accepted Scholars learn Tableau, Power Bi, Datawrapper, and Flourish to craft creative and engaging data experiences. Like all programs, there is personalized mentorship as you build a data visualization portfolio and an impactful capstone project. Learn more about the program and the Impact Scholarship available to accepted applicants here >> https://bit.ly/DataDesign2023