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Coming up tomorrow at 1 PM CDT!! 💥🔥🥰

Daniel David I AM: Master of the Mind [King Hero Interview]

Daniel David I AM, musician/producer, entrepreneur missionary, and visionary, is coming on for a second interview to go deeper into the element of the mind, what the Bible instructs about it, how water and fire are connected, how he’s used this work to overcome great adversity including a meth addiction, and what he has planned to help others create from the visions God gives each one.

Find all the details to jump on live or watch the recording here:
Forwarded from Rebecca Stand4THEE

Tomorrow, Fri July 21st at 10:00AM Dave Freedom will be defending Byron Carr’s right to freedom of speech protected under 1(d) of the Canadian Bill of Rights in Superior Court. As it stands, Byron will be arrested if he chooses to discuss ‘politically charged’ topics.

Even after pointing out my win to the crown in the R v Blanchfield, May 8th decision, they still seem quite adamant on their no talking stance. In fact, they advocate for his returned custody based on their belief that he may breach (yes, you read that right).

As if the state hasn’t done enough damage to this man after beating him upon arrest and throwing him in a cage full of human feces and urine for 41 days… all for peacefully protesting during the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

If you can’t come in person, feel free to join the zoom and show your support via the numbers. I will be there in person myself. We got this!

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 694 0825 0256
Passcode: 767465
855 703 8985 Canada Toll-free
Meeting ID: 694 0825 0256
Passcode: 767465

The physical courtroom will be #32 of the Ottawa courthouse on Elgin St in Ottawa.

Forwarded from Beth Martens
Going live with Daniel David I AM, and the link below is fixed now!!

See you there in 20 minutes. :-D

Kyle Denton: The Golden Thread of Truth in the Natural World [King Hero Interview]

I first heard Kyle Denton, founder and proprietor of Tippecanoe Herbs, on Crrow777 and discovered he has a unique perspective on the plant kingdom, parasites, weeds, and other so-called “enemies” in the natural world.

I’m super stoked to host Kyle for this King Hero interview that goes live Monday, July 24 at 2 PM CDT when we’re going to talk about the “Golden Thread of Truth” in healing with medicinal herbs, the art of foraging, and what inspires him to go and stay on his Hero’s Journey.

About him:

Kyle Denton is a community herbalist and medicine maker from Wisconsin. With a deep appreciation for the virtues of nature and its healing properties, Kyle has dedicated his life to learning and harnessing the therapeutic potential of herbal medicine for the well-being of others.

As the founder and proprietor of Tippecanoe Herbs, Kyle Denton not only crafts and sells herbal remedies but also shares his wealth of knowledge with others as he runs Root Radical Herbal Academy, an herb school with in-person and online classes. Eating his weeds daily, Kyle embodies a holistic approach to healing, combining time honored modalities from Ayurveda and Traditional Western Herbalism with a variety of eclectic interests and a passion for following the “Golden Thread” of Truth. His love for nature extends beyond the classroom and clinic. He is an avid forager, seeking out the wild, and local plants that serve as the foundation for his medicine-making.

In the heartbeat of each day, Kyle first attends his role as a father and husband. He approaches family life with the same dedication he brings to his professional pursuits, nurturing and supporting his loved ones through the power of plants and the gentle spirit of nature.
Live 2 PM CDT TODAY, July 24th!

All the details to jump on live or catch the recording are below!
Hey loves, tomorrow at 6 PM CDT I'm going to be hosted for an interview on Brandon Sterling's YouTube channel talking about how from a business and personal perspective it's easy to burn out helping people and how to avoid that.

Here's a link to go and sub to Brandon's Safe Haven channel on YouTube and sign up for a notification to the livestream tomorrow!!
TOMORROW: Journey Code Open House

We meet on Zoom tomorrow to talk about the upcoming coaching certification training whereI train coaches in the art of deprogramming, releasing and working with the archetypes of the Hero’s Journey.

In Journey Code Open House I'm going to teach about what coaching is compared with healing, consulting, and giving advice, what it’s not, and how to use a coaching practice as a way to navigate and work more freely in this increasingly controlled world.

You can sign up for the open house for free at the link below. It’s for helping spirits who don’t like controllers regulating how they help, and who are both looking to do their own inner work to the next level, and to serve others to have their God-given freedom too.

Here is a link to more details and to sign up for the Zoom details. The call is live July 26th at 1:30 PM CDT, but the recording will be shared with anyone who signs up if you can’t make it live.

Journey Code Open House
Forwarded from Josh del Sol channel
Media is too big
Marvel Of Marvels (2023)
a video by josh del sol

Once we're aware... what's next?

Inspirational thx: Osho: "The Mustard Seed" | Meredith Miller at TEOC

Follow @joshdelsol

"The Discerning Scapegoat” workshop (part 1 of 2) on Thursday in the HOFW, here are links to sign up. This will be very timely and poignant based on what we are going through and what may be to come! 💥🔥🧡

July 27, 1:00 PM CDT

The link below gives you a chance to sign up so you can become a member and learn the art of discernment in this AWESOME two-part workshop with @cazzy_313, Caroline Tobin! 💜💜💜
Jumping on a livestream solo to talk about the patterns that curse and bless us! I'm also going to sing a few. See you there in a few minutes! 💜💜💜
Forwarded from Beth Martens
"The Discerning Scapegoat” workshop with JC Coach and gifted seer Caroline Tobin July 27th, 1 PM CDT in the HOFW. 💥🔥🧡

The first one is for those who are already House of Free Will members, and the second one gives you a chance to sign up so you can become a member and take part in this AWESOME two-part workshop with @cazzy_313, Caroline Tobin!

Check out all the details and sign up below.

HOFW members Link:

Non-members link:
Forwarded from Josh del Sol channel
Media is too big
Elon Musk: the perfect front man.

Useful dot connecting here, though not really news to any of us… And this video didn’t even have to get into how he’s flooding the sky with 5G satellites and wants to implant chips in brains, and link brains with AI…

So the bottom line is that this is mostly distraction. Keep focusing on what wants to come forth through you, and beware of savior dynamics that give you false comfort 👏🏼

via @gregreesevideoreports
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Osho isn't necessarily a role model, but he's right on this one! 😁😂
HOFW Workshop this week: The Garden of Children 💚💚💚

August 4th, 3 PM CDT

This week in the House of Free Will I'm hosting John-Logan Coots and his partner Caitlin, the founders and educators of Rock Rose Farm, Private Membership Association. Their mission is to protect children from public school indoctrination and medical mandates, while providing the best educational methods from pioneers in history.

In this empowering workshop, we will explore childhood education through the pedagogical framework from Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, Fredrich Froebel and others, bringing insight for learning with your children to best facilitate their holistic development. A child’s first education begins in the home. We believe each child is a unique genius with God-given gifts and the job of parents and educators should be to nurture and foster these strengths to fully develop the potential of the children in a holistic way. By the end of the presentation, we hope that you will walk away motivated and equipped with resources to nurture the individual brilliance or your offspring's potential. Come with us to fill your heart and mind with inspiration for the magic of childhood development. We invite you to join those who are honorary cultivators of the next generation of moral, free-thinking, liberated men and women. The strongest influence on your child’s development is your own character and lifestyle as someone who is “worthy of imitation."

See all the details and apply for membership if you're not yet in the House of Free Will:

I'm so looking forward to this!!
And I'm going live this evening at 7 PM CDT!! 💥🔥🧡

To Be Worthy or Not To Be Worthy [Solo Stream]

Many people are plagued by the feeling of being unworthy and strive to be worthy. It's a trap!! The institutions of religion and education, and our controllers in any area, have capitalized on this. What people don't know is that it's a program and that can be let go.

Whether it's in your relationships, your work, your finances, your health or your relationship with God, this program will stop you from accepting your calling and going on your Hero's Journey to heal and serve others.

Join me live this evening (July 31) at 7 PM CDT when I'm going to be talking about the confusion about worthiness, why it's fruitless to work to be worthy, and some of the nuances of how unconscious programming works.

It's in time for the early bird of the Journey Code Coaching certification where I teach the skills of deprogramming and coaching others to let go of whatever stands in the way of their freedom that transcends all worthiness.

I look forward to seeing you there!!