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Guvi is an IIT-M , IIM-A incubated company located at IITM Research Park, Chennai.

Master any programming skills with our byte sized video lessons and gamified practice platform. An one stop solutions for engineering students & professionals.
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In layman’s terms, a data lake is a large pool of raw data for which no use has yet been determined. It’s a data storage pattern that prioritizes availability over everything else, across the enterprise, across all departments, and for all users of the data. Save this post to add to your technology vocabulary.
Do you know that approximately 158,727 Cyber attacks happen per hour, wherein, every minute 2,645 Cyber attacks and 44 Cyber attacks every second can attack you! 😱
Are you equipped to deal with this cyber attack crisis? How will you protect yourself and your organization???

Don’t panic!😨 We have covered it for you! 👍

Attend this masterclass on How to respond to cyber attacks, and plan a smart way to safeguard your cyber presence at the earliest! Mark your calendars for the Date - 24th July 2022. 🤓And join us for 2 hours from 5 pm onwards
Data science is one of the best careers in India in terms of growth, salary, lifestyle, and the future. The 21st century will be driven by data, as we are rapidly advancing in every industry. There is a huge shortage of specialists in this field. It may seem ironic but the country with the largest population of engineers has a shortage.

If you’re just starting, this blog might help you with junior data scientist-related jobs in India. Save it for future reference.
How does Business Analytics help in Digital Marketing?

Learn it with us! 🤝 Master these Business Analytics tools and techniques and enhance marketing & sales activities in your business. 👍

Attend a masterclass on New age digital marketing with business analytics, and carve your success journey with productive digital marketing. So, meet you on 27th July 2022 from 6 pm onwards. 🤓 Make the most of these 2 hours and multiply your business growth strategically.
In the next webinar in Automation Series, we're going to talk about the sudden emergence of Test Automation in DevOps Industry. The Host of the Webinar, Phani Bhushan is Quality Analyst and Test Engineer at Phenom. Tune in to listen to his industrial insights and latest automation trends in market. Learn why manual testing will be a thing of the past, and automation scripts will prevail. You are cordially invited to attend this FREE webinar on 30th July at 5 PM (IST)
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what is Social Engineering? #shorts visit to enrol in our Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking for Beginners.
visit to enrol in our Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking - Advanced.
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Tester Testing a new feature 😅😅 #programmingmemes #shorts
Want to add 'Deep Learning' to your LinkedIn profile? Sounds amazing😀! You would need to focus on Neural networks!

Understand the basics of Neural Networks and Deep Learning via a step-by-step learning process. Here is a masterclass on Neural Networks that will help you figure out how you can benefit from it and also help you identify its real-world applications.

Learn the Neural Network tricks and techniques that will take you a long way in Data Science and beyond!

Register now!
Want to become a Technical Entrepreneur? Struggling with Skills & Budget? No worries

Here is a solution for you! We are launching our Appreneur Program for you all. Enroll yourself in our Appreneur Program & Learn Full Stack Development Skills along with Entrepreneur Skills. After the completion of the program, you need to build a market-fit product on your own. We will help you get funded for the market-fit product from various investors that we have tied up.

Crazy right! Yes, this is once in a blue moon.

We have very limited Intake for this program. So, Don’t wait! Grab this opportunity to start your own Tech Startup with the help of GUVI’s Zen Class.
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Most In-Demand Data science Specializations #datascience #shorts
This is a special day.

Today, we are proud to inform you all that today GUVI has officially crossed the milestone of 200 employees.

GUVI has come a long way from what it was in 2014 when it was officially launched and we are looking forward to growing bigger and bigger in the years coming ahead.
We are excited to invite you to the Chainlink Chennai Community Launch event on Saturday, 6th August from 03:00 PM - 6:00 PM IST at GUVI Geek Network, IITM Research Park - Phase 2.

Chennai Community is a free and open community for all the Web3, Blockchain, Connected Smart Contracts, DeFi & NFT developers, and enthusiasts.

This event will be an opportunity to learn about Web3, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, NFT, and Chainlink Decentralized Oracle Networks. This event also acts as a platform to meet Web3 developers and enthusiasts in and around Chennai. Register
Companies are constantly looking for full-stack developers who can build disruptive tech from scratch & administer system architecture.

So, mark your calendars for 6th August and be there at sharp 5 pm.

What will you learn from this webinar?

1) what is the MERN stack?
2) Understanding full stack web development.
3) Learn the Basics of React.
4) Introduction to Node js
5) Sample web application demo.

Hurry, this is one of our most-demanded masterclasses and is free for you… Don’t miss this opportunity!
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10 Most Amazing RPA Projects #guvi #shorts #rpa
Visit to enrol in our RPA Design & Development v2.0 course.

Top Skills you will learn
1.Prepare to become Junior RPA Developers
2.Learn the basic concepts of Robotic Process Automation
3.Develop familiarity and deep understanding of UiPath tools
4.Develop the ability to independently design and create robots for business processes
5.Develop skills required to pass UiPath RPA Associate v1.0 Exam
We are happy to announce that we received an Award for "Most Trusted Vernacular Edutech Brand" from Zee Digital. Do Watch it live @1:25 PM on Zee Business TV Channel today.
There’s nothing more beautiful and rewarding than friendship 💚
This #FriendshipDay, #guvi let you know that they are important to you!
GUVI wishes you all a very Happy Friendship Day
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Running the code in production on Friday be like😅😅