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Great Green Charter - 1988
ICYMI - 2009 warning about viruses and vaccines ("antidotes")
Those new here may like to start at look at the "introduction" and the video of principles (Liberty), the other materials are on human rights Charter that is little known these days though a million people participated in making it, unlike any other rights Charter to this day (Green Charter ...) and The Green Book which presents an analysis of the problem of power (democracy) and how to solve it.
For those new to the course please look at this lecture for good background basic principles regarding power, government, authority, responsibility:
If there was a free country run by the people and ignoring all health and safety restrictions (no tests, no masks, no vaccines) would you
Anonymous Poll
Move there if possible
Support them morally
Support them materially
Fight for them even in war
Do nothing good luck to them
That’d be irresponsible of them
I wouldn’t believe it
None of the above