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EOS Nairobi was a Blockchain validator on the EOSIO protocol.
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[#Announcement] EOS Costa Rica joins the Blockchain Gaming Alliance

The Blockchain Game Alliance is an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry.

Read more here: https://bit.ly/3gevOgR
Incase you missed the Learn about Blockchain and EOSIO #Webinar by Block.One you can watch the replay here https://bit.ly/2LXdgUk and sign up for upcoming webinars listed on the #EOSIO website here https://bit.ly/36xko3y
[Free #Webinar] World Product Day 2020 | Breaking into Product Management w/ Sefunmi Osinaike by #ProductTankNairobi

About Product Tank Nairobi
ProductTank Nairobi (#ProductTankNrb) provides an opportunity for Product Managers working for (or wanting to work for) companies in Kenya to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Management & Design, Business Modelling, Metrics, User Experience and all the other things that get us excited. We're open to companies big and small. We also welcome early-stage technology businesses looking to learn how to get their ideas off the ground.

Register via https://bit.ly/3egq9Fd
Only 7 teams will proceed to the last #CeloCamp phase. We need your help to be part of the 7. Vote via this link https://bit.ly/CCFinalPhase
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Thank you for your support. Come see our demo at the Celo Camp Celo Idea Fair on June 11. More info to follow.

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You can test out Kotani Pay via the Celo Camp website here https://lnkd.in/gX9Sg9N

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[#News] Block.One to Launch Social Media Platform Ahead of Schedule

Voice, the social media platform by EOS creator Block.One, announced that it will launch on July 4.

According to a Tweet posted by Voice Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Salah Zalatimo on June 6, the social media platform will be available to readers on U.S. Independence Day, with only registered users able to publish content or engage online.

Kotani Pay: A novel Technology enabling Financial Inclusivity for The African continent

We started Kotani Pay with the vision of accelerating the connection of these individuals to the Celo blockchain. Kotani Pay is a middleware technology platform that enables users to easily connect to the blockchain. The service is especially useful to those with feature phones and low-end smartphones as it does not require internet connectivity. Instead, Kotani Pay utilizes Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) to offer access to the Celo blockchain. It creates a bridge between blockchain technology and the traditional payments space aptly created by conventional financial technology services. In a nutshell, KotaniPay creates an on-ramp system to blockchain technology and offers an off-ramp to traditional finance, all this by utilizing a USSD layer.

more: https://medium.com/@eosnairobi/kotani-pay-a-novel-technology-enabling-financial-inclusivity-for-the-african-continent-694499369007
[#News] Coinbase Open Sources Technical Standard to Streamline Token Listings

The San Francisco-based exchange rolled out a new open-source technical framework for asset listings Wednesday, making it easier for the company to integrate tokens it wants to add by giving developers a blueprint for what their projects need to provide.

Dubbed Rosetta, the release began as a project aimed at helping Coinbase more quickly add assets to its platform, product manager Nemil Dalal told CoinDesk.

“Each blockchain has a node software. They’re all custom and they all have different APIs that you use, and so integration to them can often be very customized, [require] a lot of manual effort,” he said. “So what Coinbase built was some type of middleware that we use to be able to integrate with these blockchains.”

The team is now open sourcing this technical framework for projects hoping to list their tokens on the exchange.

Source: https://bit.ly/2Bn8ddQ
[#Article] Satisfaction Level of a Sample of Kenyans towards Mobile Money Wallets

The purpose of this research was to investigate the behaviour and satisfaction level of Kenyans towards existing mobile money wallets by getting specific insights into their usage and their perception of cryptocurrencies.

Understanding factors that affect Kenyans’ behaviour and satisfaction towards mobile money wallets is vital in order to promote the development of mobile-based solutions in line with new technologies that are poised to alleviate poverty and stimulate financial empowerment. The research only targeted money wallets being used on mobile phones due to the wide usage of phones that is attributed to a high mobile penetration rate.

Read more https://medium.com/@eosnairobi/satisfaction-level-of-a-sample-of-kenyans-towards-mobile-money-wallets-8b62de5afd64
[#Article] Dutch startup WordProof awarded 1 million euros by European Commission

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – Dutch startup #WordProof finished first in the pan-European competition ‘Blockchains for social good’ by the European Commission and won 1 million euros. With this contest, Europe aims to stimulate the use of blockchain technology to solve social problems. WordProof, founded one year ago, managed to leave 175 participants from all over Europe behind.

Global CIGI-Ipsos research shows that confidence in the Internet is declining due to fraud, fake news, and privacy issues, among other things. WordProof wants to use blockchain technology to restore trust in the Internet. “We are building a universal Timestamp Ecosystem, a global standard that gives consumers a method to verify the reliability of the content on the Internet,” says WordProof founder Sebastiaan van der Lans.

Read more https://bit.ly/3iBnnxl
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[#Article] Hero Stories: How Celo Camp Teams are Impacting the World Through Celo Technology

Celo Camp launched, Upright and cLabs went on a mission together to find and help startups who shared the same goal — “ to create prosperity for all.” Bringing equal opportunity to people all over the world and creating financial stability for those without access to proper banking via blockchain technology was a core goal of the project and the results have been astounding.

These are the inspiring stories, through the eyes of Celo Camp teams, of people and businesses positively impacted by their apps and through Celo technology, and of visions and archetypes of individuals some of these teams hope to impact.

Read more: https://bit.ly/3hP3HVr

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