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EOS Nairobi was a Blockchain validator on the EOSIO protocol.
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Proton (XPR) airdrop information
In preparation of launching Proton (XPR) on mainnet, the Proton team will be moving forward with an airdrop of Proton tokens to all Metal (MTL) and Lynx (LNX) holders next week.

A snapshot will be made at Ethereum block #9773868 which should occur on Monday, March 30th around 1 PM GMT.
This snapshot records all of the balances in the MTL and LNX ecosystems.

When will the airdrop happen?
While there is no date set in stone yet for the actual airdrop, it will follow shortly after the snapshot has been completed. We will keep our you updated with new information on this site.

If you still have the old LYNX token (on EOS MainNet), please reach out to them on Telegram this week. They may be able to manually airdrop the new LNX coin to you. You will need that LNX coin on chain to receive the Proton XPR airdrop.


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#WeNeedYourHelp to secure a spot for our new baby - Kotani Pay on Celo Camp. Voting is easy and will take about five minutes to complete. Thank you.

_KotaniPay allows users to access the Celo Blockchain through USSD

Here's the voting link: https://bit.ly/39CGscH

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Forwarded from Binance Research
What is $EOS (EOS)?

#EOS is one of the most popular blockchains and uses a proprietary consensus mechanism, delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS), to power a broad ecosystem of #DApps.

Learn more about how EOS works ⬇️
EOS sets record of 102M+ actions processed in a single day!

According to blocktivity, EOS has reached a new record for the highest number of actions processed in a single day, for a (current) total of 102M, an average of over 1180 actions per second! In about 10 minutes EOS processed the same number of actions processed by Ethereum in a whole day!


#EOS #EOSNairobi
I made my avatar through this link, join us to encourage more friends to wear masks to protect themselves. https://wearmasks.tokenpocket.pro/ #WeWearMasks #COVID-19 #ProtectYourself
The difference between EOSIO software and the EOS blockchain

Jack Tanner explains perfectly the difference between EOSIO the software and the chains that use the software like EOS Public Network and Europechain in his article.


Block.one’s Public Blockchain Engagement Expands; Plans to Begin EOS Voting in May 2020

Block.one created the Public Blockchain Engagement (PBE) division to act as the first point of contact between the company and public blockchain communities. We are focused on outlining processes and best practices that will deepen Block.one’s community engagement and represent the company’s interests as a holder of digital assets of various chains.


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Celo Summit: Building on Celo

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Block.one wins patent for a way to incentivize positive feedback on social media platforms

Block.one, the publisher of the EOS blockchain protocol, has won a patent for a blockchain-based bidding method that aims to encourage positive feedback on social media platforms.

Source: https://yhoo.it/2YnUlcZ
We're looking for #Mentors to help support the teams participating at the upcoming virtual #EOSIOHackathon - Nairobi challenge.

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Your EOS Account in Safe Mode
Clever Permissions Management That Guarantees More Protection

The EOS permissions system is one of the most robust features available to developers and users alike. But, creating a custom permission for every dApp breaks the user-experience and in some cases is not even possible. Put your EOS account in safe mode by locking down your staked EOS with a single permission that still allows you to seamlessly enjoy the EOS blockchain.

Source: https://bit.ly/2WFl6qZ
Get the Learning EOSIO with Lena: Tic Tac Toe #tutorial via https://bit.ly/2AiFHtx
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[Free #Webinar] Decentralized Gaming with Unity by Jeremy Alessi: Founder of StreamSDK (Unity3D)

Date     : Friday, May 22, 2020
Time : 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM EDT

RSVP via https://bit.ly/3g5swfU

#Gaming #Unity
#EOSCostaRica released the beta version of EOS Rate and they are looking for beta testers. EOS Rate is an open-source, decentralized app (dApp) built by a team of developers in Costa Rica. It allows EOS token holders to access a rating system and voting portal for BPs and Proxies, making it easier for the token holders to make an informed decision.

The ratings are securely stored in the EOS blockchain to guarantee the immutability of the ratings. Then, users can access a radial component to visually compare the most relevant qualitative attributes of BPs.

Read more about it here https://bit.ly/EOSRate

#EOSIO #EOSRate #Beta