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Bitcoin should be moving bullish soon from this location although a little more downwards move is possible but I am not expecting any large dip. Litecoin and Ethereum will follow Bitcoin. XRP will also follow Bitcoin from this location over the next few days. I will focus on scalping opportunities tomorrow but the more independent from Bitcoin the altcoins become the more scalping opportunities we will get.
Elon twits about DOGE start to work again. Could be a bullish sign for the whole market. Possible good long entry at 0.34$ support.

🚀BTC 42k incoming...
Bitcoin closed strongly bullish yesterday . An intraday pullback is possible overnight but Bitcoin should be moving bullish from here towards $42,000. Ethereum is bullish as well. Litecoin and XRP are both having an inside bar breakout which should push them upwards. The market will remain volatile head of the official Weekly closure. I will be waiting for the intraday chart breakout to get scalps
Bitcoin chart review

Bitcoin bounced to 37900 Now we witness weekend shake out. Yet not clear if it will dump lower or that will end up as another bear trap. In current choppy stage its mostly liquidity hunting on both sides of the range.

From week timeframe point of view BTC still haven't made a dead cat bounce so possibility for 45-50k stay valid for the upcoming weeks. Besides stocks closed week on a bullish move so we may expect crypto to keep some of this bullishness through the weekend.

🟥 36800 - 37650 - 38850

#BTC #Bitcoin (TradingView)
Bitcoin closed as a doji yesterday in both the Daily and Weekly candle. We need more solid price action to get a direction. However, the triangle pattern is still there in Bitcoin and oftentimes this type of price structure acts as a support zone. Ethereum was bullish all the way and I am expecting more bullish price action from it. Both LTCBTC and XRPBTC closed as a doji in the Weekly candle but Litecoin and XRP both closed somewhat bullish. We need a little time for it to work out. XRP is strongly bullish in the higher time frame chart structure and I am bullish in XRP for the long run. We should get a few scalps in the upcoming week.
Bitcoin seems to be having a fakeout of the triangle pattern so one more re-test of $31,500-$32,000 is possible but it is not required. This time as soon as we get a support Bitcoin will start moving bullish quickly. All other altcoins will follow. Ethereum is already priced in with ETHBTC. Litecoin and XRP will also move quickly. Do not panic. I will be looking for some quick in and out trades from this volatility.

Good news for ETH bulls - volume is decreasing so sell pressure is falling. Price action haven't yet formed any single bullish candle but once you see one with long lower tale and increase in volume - that will be a sign for alts to bounce (and most probably for BTC to fall).

🔥 #ETH
Bitcoin Market Update:

Bitcoin is having pretty interesting price action. A daily falling wedge is 70% done with the formation and the triangle pattern is ready to get a breakout which has also seen a fake-out attempt that makes it bullish.
Ethereum chart review

Ethereum dipped below first support zone and now re-testing it from below. Not the strongest situation for alts, but we've already seen ETH breaking through on such bounces making it higher than you may expect in the beginning.

Overall recommendations stay same. Exit alts on that bounce during weekend. Even if magic happen and everything will grow higher, it will pullback once again in several days or week so you won't miss anything. But I don't see much space for magic. Magic hammer will not work for the second time =)

Bitcoin chart review

The most important thing that happened yesterday was Bitcoin growing above previous lower high at daily timeframe. Also it got above 233 EMA at daily. That means that dead cat bounce is finally coming.

- Whaaaaat? Dead cat bounce? Ain't we flying to the moon now?
- TA is not TikTok influencer show. BTC might be flying to the moon some day, but within current chart macro view it still look like shit, although good enough to make a bounce to ~45/49k (while 36k still visible as well). That is dead cat bounce. If I see BTC stay above 45k for several weeks that will be another stage and another forecast.
There are no major changes in Bitcoin. The Daily candle closed as a doji yesterday. It should test the $43,000 resistance target in the near future. Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP should move bullish from this location with a bullish Bitcoin. I am expecting a volatile today.
Bitcoin’s dip will make the primary trend stronger. A test of $37,200 is possible but it will act as a support zone now. Other altcoins are following Bitcoin but their price action is still bullish. As soon as Bitcoin finds support we will get a bullish move from altcoins. The falling wedge breakout is causing a medium sized wave which is having its own impulsive 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 waves. It is now at wave 4 and wave 5 will take it to the $43,000 zone. Do not panic.
Russian Billionaire Criticizes Bank of Russia And Urges To Move to Bitcoin.

One of the wealthiest Russians – Oleg Deripaska criticizes the Bank of Russia for its crypto stance.

He surmised that the country should add Bitcoin as a payment method, giving an example with the Latin country of El Salvador, which already laid the foundations.

Furthermore, the oligarch outlined Russia’s need to execute business deals effectively with the rest of the world and urged the central bank to adopt a "real financial instrument enabling independence in foreign trade settlements".
Bitcoin Market Update:

Bitcoin panic is still there, fear is at the worst point in the last 15 months, the fear and greed index data printed 10 which is extreme fear among retail traders. Bitcoin is trading between $30,000 and $32,000 this location should be a major support point before it offers a decent pullback from here which is around $50,500 zone. And before that $43,000 area (both my targets remain the same and unchanged, FUD and panic won’t change that). A very quick dip to $27,000 zone is also possible for a short period of time from more fundamental events such as Elon Musk selling Bitcoin or something similar. Social media sentiment has a short-term impact on the market, this is a new reality. Market sentiment could shift very quickly from this area and gain market confidence.


The intraday chart is extremely volatile and more volatility is expected. The falling wedge/tiny descending channel formation is still there and the Wyckoff accumulation method is still in play. We are now facing Phase 3/Spring. However, we are primarily focused on the wedge structure and aim to trade when it breaks. Everybody is now focused on a bearish scenario a perfect time to get a breakout however, it might not happen today but we will see volatility here. Above $33,800 is where it will officially breakout.
Bitcoin seems to have found a bottom. The Daily candle is a hammer which represents strength in Bitcoin. The $43,000 zone is the next key level. We should get the intraday wedge breakout tomorrow followed by a small correction. Altcoins will follow Bitcoin’s lead. I will be open to scalping a good setup tomorrow.
Long it