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Achim B'yachad - the Chassidish division Of Chai Lifeline, restores the light of childhood to children whose innocence ended when cancer or other life threatening illness is diagnosed.
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Our Pre Purim Party took place this year at Factory 220 in Passaic, NJ.

Close to 1,200 family members and volunteers were welcomed to a beatifully decorated “Space” setting that was filled with great treats, thanks to Mrs. Roth and Mrs. Gelbman.

As the families arrived they each got a chance to take a professional family picture done by Ruchie Baum and Esty Brull photography. Of course a gourmet catered meal was served by Lazer Friedman - Chateau 51. The children all received a fun filled Mishloach Manos with snacks and prizes in an Achim B’yachad cap!. A full band led by Avrum David Lunger and performance by Yidi Bialostozky, Lev Voices and Child Soloist Moshe Holtzman was all on the program along with an exciting comedy-magic show by Pete Geist.

To end the night there was fun music, dancing and kumzitz which made the children leave with the biggest smiles on their faces!

Special thanks to our sponsors for this event and all year round.

Photos By: Avrumi Blum
As we were all making our rounds to family and friends on Purim, our dedicated volunteers had one priority; to stop in at their Achim B’Yachad family members to enlighten their Purim.

Each kid got a special visit from their volunteers, who always have them in mind. They arrived with an individualized Mishoach Manos that included lots of their favorite nosh, prizes and a personalized photo book of Camp Simcha!
As usual, they felt cared for and thought about!
Due to the Cornovirus, Our I-Shine Sunday program takes place via phone conferences.

Yesterday each location received their own conference number where they each enjoyed an exciting program.

Boro Park - had an interview with Moshe Kraus of the Yiddish Nachas Choir. They then listened to Burich Turner who personated Lipa Schmeltzer. Yossi Green and Yehonason Schwartz among other Singers and story tellers.

Williamsburg – story time with story teller Meyer Solomon

Monsey – story time with Story teller Mordche Weinberger.

Monroe – Volunteers and kids had an open disscussion and Q&A about the virus by R’ Yoel Wurtzberger.

Over 250 I-Shine kids called into their locations conference call and many other family members joined it.

Special Thanks to all volunteers, coordinators and guests that joined to make this happen.
Due to the temporary suspension of Respite, we are continuing to entertain the kids by setting up volunteers for every child to speak with everyday, via Video Calls, phone calls etc. The volunteers give them a fun, good time during such a challenging time. The Achim B’Yachad coordinators are on top of making sure no child is left out.
While we’re social distancing, our volunteers still find a safe way to visit kids at home and ensuring them that they’re not alone.
This is a time when they need us more than ever!
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