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Hi guys, please test the bot ASAP.
Got a proposal for another airdrop for 30usd too
Forwarded from GypsyTano
These are my Channels and Groups

https://t.me/AirdropCommunityTelegram https://t.me/AirdropCommunityShare https://t.me/CryptoAirdropRocket

AirdropLTDBot: 12k users
Airdrop9Bot: 10k users

Would you like to promote your airdrop ?

Post in all channels and group + pin 24Hours + my community will start posting it as well

also if u want to promote in other channels i can get better prices for you cuz i know their admins

Also we develop all kind of bots

are you interested?
Yeah, thatโ€™s one of the ones Iโ€™ve been chatting with.
Ok, we will review on Wednesday
New proposal, 70usd for these 3 channels each above 100k
Letโ€™s see where we end with that second set
Agreed. I have another proposal for $30 for a pretty big network.
About 250k combined
So we have 500k backup for 100USD
I checked, indeed T&C says end of airdrop on Oct 7th
@KryptoCat : hi, have you been able to update T&C?