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"Highly Effective"

Witness the shifting narrative in Covid-19 vaccine efficacy
"Instead of an open exchange of opinions, a 'scientific consensus' was proclaimed, that must be defended. Anyone who doubts this and demands a multidimensional perspective on the pandemic, will reap indignation and scorn."

18th October 2021
Forwarded from No More Lockdowns UK
So it looks like quite a few people are planning on being outside Number 10 tonight from 6pm. Whatever you do please don't make too much noise at it might upset Bill & his pals.... 🤥🤥🤥
Media is too big
Dr. Anne McCloskey 🇮🇪 discusses and explains the MHRA yellow card reporting system.

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Credit to Hilton Photos
Feeling the need today to acknowledge that it has been a minute.

Upon reflection, all of the content we've produced over the past year has been at the expense of our own time and resources. It was our decision from the beginning, and it, of course, comes with its own set of challenges.

We produce content and make it accessible for free because it matters to us that this information be made available to the public during the times we're faced with.

But production is only one part of the equation. Distribution is another.

And that's where you come in. Our content is censored. It's shadow banned. And it's because of you that people see it.

We're not a big operation, by any stretch. But there is so much going on behind the scenes right now that we wish we could tell you guys about.

We have no intention of stopping.

Not until the job is done.

I guess, when you know, you'll know.

Until then, thank you for being here, and for your continued support.

- Oracle Films
You're here for a reason. Hold the line
Forwarded from Freedom Directory

PART 2 (of 2)


Hold the line

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We. Do. Not. Comply.
Not our work. Just giving credit where it's due, and paying it forward.

This is an incredibly important piece of documentary filmmaking by Vrouwen Vor Vrijheid and Tim Gielen.

Monopoly reveals something astonishing - that the majority of our world is effectively owned and managed, from the top-down, by two companies; Vanguard and BlackRock. If you don't yet know what the implications of this are, you should inform yourself, fast.

View the film here:

All credit goes to and
Media is too big
"Everyone in this crowd has a feeling of discomfort regarding what is happening to them. What happened to our country? How did all these countries in the world, in one lock-step move, pivot and end democracy. Impose authoritarian control all at once. All over the globe? How did that happen?"

A powerful speech from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the Broadway Rally for Freedom on 16th October 2021.

N.B. This was recorded, edited and sent to us by a 40 year veteran of the film and TV industry, formerly employed by Disney-ABC, who cannot go back to work due to refusing the Covid vaccine. All credit goes to that gentleman.
Media is too big
HISTORIC MOMENT: MEPs of European Parliament defend fundamental rights of citizens, and oppose mandatory proof of vaccination.

Speaking at a press conference in Strasbourg on 20 October 2021, they also voiced the severe concerns of staff members working for the European Parliament.

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