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Geopolitical Analysis of Pedophilia Blackmail Bribery System - Q Digital Soldier Decoding Military Stringers- (11:11 Light-Worker)

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Forwarded from ThePatriots (Not Asleep)
Forwarded from ThePatriots (Not Asleep)
Forwarded from RattleTrap 1776 🇺🇸
And here’s the MARS he was talking about 😎

The program is a civilian auxiliary consisting primarily of licensed amateur radio operators who are interested in assisting the military with communications on a local, national, and international basis as an adjunct to normal communications. 👀 #EBS

And y’all thought is was just a boring speech November 15 ☠️🇺🇸
Twitter has reversed their censorship of #DiedSuddenly, the world-changing documentary of a generation.
WELCOME TO THE 5 to 8 YEAR MOVIE SIMULATION REAL LIFE VERSION OF “WAG THE DOG” PORTRAYED IN THE BELOW LINK TO THE 1997 MOVIE TRAILER – Wag The Dog. We are Living Through the Great Awakening Transition From Dark to Light Using Q Military Intelligence Disseminated by a Citizen Digital Army Team who have taken over ( INFORMATION WARFARE ) to Transition From a FIAT Currency to an ASSET BACKED Currency System Under an On Going Trump Administration. BIDEN PRESIDENCY Is a Scripted Operation to Showcase Optics to the Public what a CCP Real Biden Administration would Bring if Allowed to Happen.


I want to take this day to express my gratitude and humility for supporting my voice advocating for all afflicted by adversity navigating the PedoGate Blackmail Bribery Systems of Government. It takes an Army of Team Work to Succeed in this Thousands Years War to transition peacefully into our New Golden Age.

I would not have been effective at a cause most get murdered had it not been for you fellow Digital Soldiers and Light Workers. ❤️🙏😇

May God Continue to Bless Us All and More Abundantly!