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Geopolitical Analysis of Pedophilia Blackmail Bribery System - Q Digital Soldier Decoding Military Stringers- (11:11 Light-Worker)

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Forwarded from SCREW BIG GOV for We The People (Lewis Herms)
👉 It’s CRUNCH time! 👈 Truth Tour 4 starts next week! “CAGES”, our docudrama on child trafficking will be released on the 21st (unless there is major breaking news or I fall asleep at my desk). All this and I still make time to shake up the truther community! Here’s the rundown for the past week…

Starting first with Michael Jaco & Jack Lander discussing the fall of the banking industry…or is it?

Next, I join Nicholas Veniamin to talk psyops in…you guessed it…the banking industry.

Then I team up with the lovely Miki Klann and the always sincere Mark Attwood to bring some much needed focus on how wonderful the world really is.

Next, I talk Truth Tour & how we plan to take back our freedom with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

Then BAM! Truth-a-Thon 3! What an AMAZING event! Such a wonderful line-up of speakers with POWERFUL presentations! The entire event had the polished look of professionals in every way. It makes me proud to see how far we’ve come.

Next, Lance Shuttler and I join the beautiful Catherine Edwards to focus on more love and light…the redemption of the human race.

Ending the week with the fascinating Patty Greer where she shares her experiences and research on Crop Circles, UFO’s and alien tech.

On top of all this…my video footage from January 6th with the Qanon Shaman, Jack Chansley, has gone VIRAL! Too little, too late or Divine Timing? I’ll go with the later.

You won’t find me posting much this weekend on Telegram. Like I said, it’s CRUNCH TIME! God Willing… “CAGES” is coming in 3…2…1!
Forwarded from SCREW BIG GOV for We The People (Lewis Herms)

I was awakened at 2am with a message.

Post "As If".

When manifesting and visualizing we must emerse ourselves in belief "As If" we have already reached our destination.

Feel it, smell it, taste it.

You did it!

Forwarded from SCREW BIG GOV for We The People (Lewis Herms)
The Vax Deaths are Trumps FAULT!

You may have noticed that the above statement is where the MSM narrative is moving to. If not, then just pay attention the next few days.

Bye the way... THIS IS AWESOME!

This is a TRAP and a good one... when the sleepy vaxxers start blaming Trump for the EAU and NOT properly testing the jab... They unintentionally ADMIT that you my AWAKE friends have been right all this time.

No time for I TOLD YOU SO but definitely the time to point out their catch 22 (conundrum).

This will give you the much needed Ammo to help the masses wake up.

Frickin amazing... Find the postive in what is happening right now or dwell in the negative that has already passed.

Choices are a powerful thing.

It's We The People time!

Forwarded from Nicholas Veniamin
Forwarded from Nicholas Veniamin
Forwarded from Kab (Kab)
Many of you are wondering why we're not seeing arrests, or even investigations, of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci who are clearly guilty of crimes against humanity.

Everyone keeps talking about how evil they are, but no one is doing anything. Why is that?

I don't talk about it as much as I used to but every once in a while it's good to remind people. The elites have a secret. Something that's been happening right in front of us for decades.

Black hats won't talk about it because they use it to their advantage. White hats won't talk about it because they'll look insane, and they're probably worried about the safety of their families too.

Rapid human cloning is real. They can create a soulless duplicate of a person in about 5 months. Memories can be transferred, mannerisms can be programmed.

The cabal uses cloning whether or not there's a replacement. It's about control and money. They treat people like products. They can cover up murders and arrests with clones.

The inability for people to believe it's actually happening is how they get away with it so easily. We've been conditioned to see it as sci-fi entertainment, but this is how the world really works.

The part that's even harder for most people to comprehend is that the method used can't be researched because it was received from Zeta Grey ETs in the 1950s by the Military Industrial Complex.

There are controlled clones everywhere - in government, entertainment, journalism, corporations. Many politicians have multiple clones that give speeches, or travel in their place. Many clones are dispersed around the world as obedient NPCs too.

Those orthopedic boots aren't hiding ankle monitors, they're concealing a method of programming. This is what the black eyes were all about but they've had to find new way because it was too noticeable.

Through rapid cloning, clones are often not exact duplicates. It's especially hard to match a new clone to an elderly person, so extra surgery is sometimes used. Sometimes there's a puffy or plastic look. Wrinkles and imperfections can be added later.

Pleiadians have explained for several years that many arrests have happened behind the scenes, and continue to happen.

Like ET disclosure, the full truth won't come out until the Shift because it would be too traumatic for people to hear from authority figures. If the general public knew how deep it goes there would be mass violence and chaos. Only a small few hearing me now will actually believe it.

I would hope this would give truth seekers some peace, but many will keep on waiting for news of mass cabal arrests anyway. We won't ever see it happen because the media is controlled, and people in authority will never tell us the truth.

Full Disclosure of everything ever hidden from us comes after the Shift.
Forwarded from Nicholas Veniamin
On the ‘numbers’ any day from today till march 29 ‘could’ work for the arrest, but tomorrow works best because it’s a palindrome  number (they all are) with double meaning….3-21-23.   32123.  Same forwards and backwards.  These people are occultists and very concerned with ritualistic power.  It’s Also within ‘24 ‘ hours of the spring equinox with occurs this afternoon (DC time at 14:24.....2:24 PM), or 'dark to light’. — Juan O Savin
My NVTV Nicholas Veniamin Podcasts are featured throughout my Substack Memoir as Support to my writings.

I FINALLY LAUNCHED MY SUBSTACK which will be the Foundation for an E-book publishing this summer. This is an updated and linear version edited & structured to help Great Awakening & TRUTHER new comers & mid level red pilled souls understand what took place since 2017 launch of a covert Military Campaign to Obliterate the Pedophilia Blackmail Bribery System. It’s My Journey and first hand Perspective. I have not told but 25% of what I experienced. If you found anything I shared compelling wait until I share the rest.

Hello Fine Folks of Gotham City! (Please share)

I am Digitally Panhandling & Seeking Support Contributions needed to prep for my upcoming Truth Tour in Florida. I understand times are challenging for the masses yet I anticipate some in our circles might have nominal sums or the means to help fuel my journey teaching public how to work locally in their communities to safeguard children.

I’m really Dumbfounded the White Hats have not found resources to support my continued participation. I’m wondering if the psyop portion is over and there is not really a plan for the children. Please help me be that voice that keeps momentum going and inspire the public to help with solutions.

I have 4 days to raise a few hundred dollars travel expenses. God Bless. I’m leaving this in Gods hands if it resonates with the public. Sending Love and Prayers of Protection for us all as we navigate the coming days! ❤️😇🙏

#WTP4children #SaveTheChildren

Truth Tour Schedule. March 24 - 31