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we are looking at going to Louisiana to help with cleanup and getting people safe housing down there that were damaged in the hurricane.
it will take some resources on our part for fuel and expenses on the road. anyone interested in supporting this project please contact me @ contactethan @ gmail. com
if you are interested in volunteering or helping in some other way please reach out as well.
thank you
*Support Sanjay Sharma Recover From Brain Haemorrhage*

My name is Meenakshi and I am here to raise funds for my relative Sanjay Sharma who is 54 years old. Sanjay Sharma lives in Gurugram, Haryana with his children, spouse & parents. Sanjay Sharma is working as a private employee. Sanjay Sharma is working at Real Estate. Sanjay Sharma is suffering from

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Hey there...
Here it is the middle of the week (aka Wednesday) in the first half of March 2021. Now alot of people are still cooped up due to this lovely virus.
But we here at GTKYF Foundation Inc ( see the tremendous need and the desperation in people as they try and survive these days. As a direct result we have stepped out in faith that our needs will be supplied while we reach out and help as many people as we can.
Here are just some of our active programs and ones we are involved in and what they are doing already this year to help others:

• Salt of the Earth:
This program helps people and families who are struggling and does small grants of funds to cover things like power bill arrears, vehicle repair, food, bus ticket home, train ticket home, tents, sleeping bags, and other imeadiate needs. This program fund currently sits at zero dollars. As the needs are much greater than the donations. Learn more about this program at To date this year we have been blessed to help families and individuals with $2234.67 in aid. Consider donating at

• Neighbors Helping Neighbors:
This program helps with low income, nonprofits, and disaster property repair projects. As well as feeding homeless, vehicle repairs, and providing first aid to underserved communities. So far this year we have;
• provided four weeks of first aid and transportation to underserved communities in rural flordia. We made sixty trips to the Emergency room, bus station, and truck stop for those needing aid during this time. (At a 30 plus minute ride each way. Costing over $1000 in fuel alone. It cost approximately $22 round trip to drive to the er from the location. Now, granted some money was raised and provided to help offset these costs. We are still short on the over all fuel costs and the cost of replenishment of our first aid supplies.)
• provided a day of volunteer property repairs and cleanup for an elderly lady in silver springs flordia.
• provide extensive five days of repairs and creating a better living situation for an elderly stroke victim in Bonifey, Flordia. Our efforts to provide him with running water, working electric, working toilet, and a working shower brought back a level of independence and dignity for him.

You can learn more about this program at . You can donate to help us in these efforts at

• Our Ambassador livestock program: This program has brought many an opportunity to help spread the message of "Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom". Even though in the last month we lost one of our main Ambassadors. Thadous D Llama passed away peacefully surrounded by love. The remaining ambassadors continue to strive to live up to his legacy.
• We plan on actions in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama in the coming weeks.

If you would like to learn more about this program visit ****

To donate to support the ongoing needs of this program or to help with the $1000's in vetenarian bills for thadous please donate via

• Just Us Riders program:
We continue to travel the country in the "tiny house" as part of the Just Us Riders program "the adventure". And with all that has happened. The canceled events, the tremendous needs, and the upheaval in our society calling it an adventure is an understatement. But alas we continue to stay the course following what we are called to do speaking out about the crisis with farms, food, families, and freedom in our world. While showing love, compassion, empathey for those struggling. Providing a voice for the voiceless.

To learn more about this program please visit

To donate an support our costs associated with this program please do so at
• Chores for a Cause program:
This program is where volunteers and road crew of Just Us Riders assist with needed projects and chores to help raise funds in support of our efforts. If you know of someone needing some task or chore completed please email me at ethan at we are willing to help out along our route in order to offset the costs. And quite frankly need the work with the lack of nessesarry donations and paying events.

To learn more about this program visit ***

To donate to help support this and other programs of ours please use

In closing I'd like to thank the many supporters that have helped us along the way. As well as ask for your continued support. If you are looking to donate something like real estate, vehicles, rvs, stocks, gift cards, or cryptocurrency please email me directly (ethan at and we can work with you to get this done..And thank you again.

Make sure to follow us online via the websites and social media foot print.

Here's to a great rest of the month... And year striving to live out our purpose on this earth of serving others. Trusting that our needs will be met as we do what we are called to.

- Ethan The Farmer.

We could really use the following items:
- tires for our 2000 e350 van. 10 ply due to weight.
- internet service : better waygo or something similar.
- some chores for a Cause projects local to where we currently are in alabama.

Get involved in our sister program
Hello there...
From the ever rainy world of southwest Louisiana. I'm here right now because the government of the United States and the fine state of Louisiana have abandoned the working-class people who live here. You see last year they were hit by not one but two Hurricanes and can't seem to get the needed help to rebuild and restore their lives. So, I am here doing all I can each and every day.
You can read about our efforts at

With the ever-increasing cost of materials we need help. These people are humans too and don't deserve to be suffering like this anywhere. Yet alone in the united states.
Please share this post and consider donating or volunteering.
The link to donate is:

From the bottom of my heart I say thank you.

Ethan The Farmer
Founder and executive director
Gtkyf Foundation Inc