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Forwarded from Knowledge Channel
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Masks & Lockdowns Nailed in under 2 Minutes
Chris Sky from Toronto, Canada is talking about masks and lockdowns.

Full Interview

twitter: @AndrewSaysTV
Insta: @AndrewDoes

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Fungible, private, SOUND HEALTH & MONEY 2.0 for Everyone pinned «GREAT NEWS — PRO-HEALTH FREEDOM LEGISLATION INTRODUCED IN THE STILL-FREE-STATE-OF-FLORIDA — ACT NOW TO SUPPORT THIS CRUCIAL LEGISLATION Thanks to Senator Joe Gruters (D23) Florida has an excellent bill (SB364) that needs your support to help it become law!…»
Forwarded from Susan Fox
If you see the notice that the National Guard will invoke the Stafford Act by this weekend, remember that each National Guard office is comparmentalized. Even if you call your local National Guard, they may still try to tell you it is a hoax. I just called my local National Guard office and they said it is absolutely a hoax. So, even your local National Guard office may not know what's really going on. Better to be prepared and stay home.
Forwarded from Jordan Sather
This is the president of "The Coalition for Safer Web" non-profit that is suing Apple to get Telegram removed from the App Store. I read this tweet and wonder, who is the real extremist here?
Forwarded from Project Veritas
Media is too big
BREAKING: Twitter Legal, Policy and Trust Lead Vijaya Gadde Details Plans For Political Censorship On Global Scale

“We’ve seen violence unfold as a result of misleading information or coded rhetoric...”

“This is our global approach.”


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Forwarded from Great Awakening Channel
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🔥 JUST IN: Smoke was seen rising behind the Capitol building moments ago and the Inauguration rehearsal evacuated. 🔷 🐸
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