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Life Force: It Can Never Be Taken From Us

Tap into the spark that gives all things life and know your own force.
Remember... when everything seems dark, you might be standing under one tiny cloud, unable to see beyond a mile from your position... a mile away where the sun is streaming down. Perspective is everything.

Photo: WildestPotato/Reddit
There is a new YouTube/Telegram video coming tomorrow.

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The Exclusively Tarot Tier is brand new and goes Live with its first video Reading this weekend! The first few Readings for this Tier will be free for all to view, and then they will become exclusive for Members.

Terms (in brief): Tiers can be cancelled at any time and will cease before the next payment is due (if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice of the next payment, you risk having to pay it). There are no refunds for the previous payments. Any Tier benefits will cease after the month covered by your current payment ends.
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Move away from the stress; take time out from the stress - whatever that stress might be.

Yes, you can. Even in prison, you can meditate.

Weekly Energy Readings to guide you: https://www.kiaoralounge.co.uk/weeklyguidance

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The New Moon and Full Moon Readings, as well as a “Focus Card”, and the chance for personal guidance , will form part of the Exclusively Tarot Tier.
Good evening! Here's the Reading for next week: "The coming week heralds a particularly successful week in ventures which are independent, or which encourage you to find your own independence." https://www.kiaoralounge.co.uk/weeklyguidance/weekly-energy-reading-beginning-monday-4th-october-2021

New and Full Moon Energy Readings Focus on the evolution of the human soul and mankind, and what we can do to elevate ourselves to a higher consciousness state of being

In the near future, these Moon Reading videos will be private to my Exclusively Tarot Tier members on Ko-fi. You can view membership options at ko-fi.com/wbw/tiers

Deck used in video: The Sirian Starseed Tarot
I had a wonderful two hours at the beach this morning, communing with the elements. Just what was needed to revitalise the soul 🌟
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A message for those who don’t like being in the world or in their bodies.
When you’re getting to know a new deck and the SAME card gets turned/falls out, three times in a row!

This is my teacher of the deck, but also who I am to you: The neutral, detached, master/wizard of challenges, urging you to become master of your own conundrums. Wise, but aloof; cool, but observing, I’ll push you to excellence if you’re willing to take the plunge.
Magic - and the messages in magic - is everywhere. You just have to notice it. Everything exists according to your observation of it. The world will dance for you.
Weekly Energy Reading beginning Monday, 11th October, 2021: "The energy of next week may well involve nostalgic memories of the past, or a "blast from the past", and it may not be overly comfortable...." See the full Reading at https://www.kiaoralounge.co.uk/weeklyguidance/weekly-energy-reading-beginning-monday-11th-october-2021