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All things Ethereum, Bitcoin, DeFi, Blockchain, Crypto, and Web 3.0. With analysis of the macro trends and technological innovation as we build the future of money.
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Historically, the app sectors that have dominated hackathons have gone on to be leaders in market rallies.

Social projects made up the majority of hackathon submissions at this year's ETHBogata Hackathon.
BendDAO has the most considerable liquidity among peer-to-pool protocols today, with >$90M total value locked.
Daily new addresses on Aptos have totaled at least 30k a day since the launch of the network just under two weeks ago. Aptos has been growing at a steady pace and appears primed to further mature as users and developers try the Aptos for the first time.
For our readers out there...
Just so you know, we're also sick of all the hacking and fraud in crypto -- and all the back room deals. We're still here though as we actually do see the underlying tech as the future. Smart contracts, tokenized financial assets, transparent on-chain accounting for public companies, and 24/7 markets operating on decentralized ledgers are the future rails of global finance. The industry is going through a major upgrade right now as the crap gets flushed out. And somebody has to cover this story over the next 10-15 years. ❤️
Since November of 2020 #Ethereum L2 transactions per second have increased 33,550% 🔥
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