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We are holding a pumpkin carving competition for Halloween!

To take part submit your entry in the comments section of the tweet below and on the 02/11/2018 at 17:00 GMT we will pick a winner to win 1500 SHARD.

Your entry should have Shard somewhere in the photo either on paper or on the pumpkin.
On the 6th of November at 16:00 GMT we will be announcing something big for both Shard and Shardax.

We are happy to announce that Shardax has partnered with Vendit to offer a Shardax Debit Card using Shard, powered by the Vendit network. In addition Shard will receive a USD fiat pairing with Vendit.

What does this mean for Shard & Shardax?
This means that you will be able to spend Shard like any normal Debit Card with 1000s of merchants. Not only will you be able to spend Shard with the Debit Card but also any other coin listed on Shardax which meet the minimum requirements. This will add to the many great features of Shardax, and allow for greater adoption and real world use for Shard and other qualifying coins listed on Shardax. Meaning Shardax has much more to offer listed coins than your typical crypto exchange.

We greatly appreciate this partnership between Vendit and Shardax, with which we hope to bring Shard and crypto in general more to the mainstream for day to day use.

Currently Vendit is in the development stage of their network, however this is big news for the future for both Shard holders and Shardax listed coins.

Within the coming days we will be holding a community vote to decide on the color for the Debit Card so make sure to keep an eye out.
We are currently working on updating the Shard website with a more professional, informative and clean style. This update will be coming soon.
Shardax Beta Testing has been announced and is scheduled to begin on the 19th December.

Beta testing of Shardax will be split into 3 phases:
Phase 1 = Basic testing of features while development continues, allowing for community feedback.
Phase 2 = Each user will be given test funds to test the exchange, instant trading, dust conversion and user to user transfer's.
Phase 3 = Full security features enabled and security audited. Staking, API and Portfolio pages introduced, select users will be chosen to test deposits, withdrawals and staking with real funds.

During beta Shardax will be running a bounty program where users can earn coins for bugs or issues found. More on this will be shared closer to the time.

The testing phase is one of the most important steps and will play a large role in ensuring a premium platform. While allowing the community to take part in sharing ideas of what we can introduce or improve to make the best platform possible.
Join Discord to take part in the Shard Christmas Day Giveaway where 25 winners will receive Shard

To enter in the giveaway all you need to do is post a Christmas related comment in #airdrops channel.

Giveaway ends at 23:00 GMT on the 25/12
Happy new year! May 2019 be a better year for crypto and bring much success and happiness to you all.
To celebrate the new year Shardax is running a massive giveaway competition where you can win some fantastic prizes.

As a bonus one coin will receive a free listing on Shardax if the winner nominated them and if the coin is in the top 10 most nominated.

To nominate a coin just answer the nomination question on the giveaway page.

Make sure to tell your favourite coins to take part in this free bonus listing, since the more community members that take part the more chance the coin has to win the free listing. has been updated with the latest SCR Burned total of 730,000 Shard, following the 100,000 Shard burned today. You can view the burn transaction and reduced supply on the block explorer.
We have shared 3 UI designs on discord for the next wallet update and would like to collect your ideas and opinions. If you are interested in finding out more join our discord and you will find the examples in the wallet-feedback channel.
We are happy to announce that EvoNodes have listed Shard in their staking pool!

You can manage your account and view statistics through both the EvoNodes website and discord.

Remember as with all staking pools you are trusting others to hold your coins, so be sure to research if this is the right option for you.
Shardax is currently working on some merch for a Shardax merch store powered by Shard and will be releasing some product designs over the next week.

To start off we would like to share the following Jersey Design.
As previously announced Shardax is currently working on some merch for the Shardax merch store powered by Shard. Below you will find the design for the mouse mat that is aimed to be available by end of February/March. has been updated with the latest SCR Burned total of 850,000 Shard, following the 120,000 Shard burned today. You can view the burn transaction and reduced supply on the block explorer.
Shard is now live on Blockfolio Signal!
Make sure to download and watch Shard on Blockfolio Signal for the latest news.