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We are currently running a name and logo competition for the universal wallet and by taking part in this competition you can earn Shard.

To take part all you need to do is post your suggestion in the #universal-wallet-name-ideas channel on discord.
You can now get Shardax merch powered by Shard via our partner.

On the Shardax discord we are giving away 7 discount codes to random winners.
- 2x 20% discount codes
- 5x 5% discount codes

To have the chance to get a discount code all you need to do is go to the #🎉airdrops channel on the Shardax discord and give your opinion on your favourite Shardax feature and what else you would like to see from Shardax.
We are happy to announce that Shard has been listed on a new exchange!

Exchange Assets

This is a new exchange platform and we have little information regarding it, however every additional exchange improves Shard's exposure and availability. We would like to remind all users to do their own due diligence before using any new platform.
We are happy to announce that XCOMPAY has chosen to list Shard on their platform!

XCOMPAY is a payment gateway service that provides Instant crypto checkout with easy to use cart plugins, advanced buttons, invoice builder, and an API for custom integrations. Shard is also listed on their marketplace allowing merchants to list items for sale in Shard.
We are currently looking for additional members to join the team. If you are interested in joining the Shard team, fill in the form linked below and we will get back to you. has been updated with the latest SCR Burned total of 1,010,000 Shard, following the 160,000 Shard burned today. You can view the burn transaction and reduced supply on the block explorer.
The Shard website has been updated with a new modern style, containing more information regarding Shard, it's ecosystem and Shardax partnered platforms.

There will also be another big announcement in the coming week regarding the new wallet which has been undergoing a full UI update and functionality integration. Some new features include the ability to visually monitor your balance and staking gains in chart form, view the $ value of transactions and your balance and much more.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the shard wallet release and let us know what you think of the current update of the shard website.
We are happy to announce that the Shard wallet upgrade is almost ready for release. We are currently working on a few small changes from testing feedback and in the next few days we will be compiling the wallet for Windows, Linux and Mac. Once complete the release versions and code will be available on Github, so that everyone can update their wallet and make use of the new features and modern UI that we are sure everyone will love.

Some of the new features in this upgrade include:
- Monitor the Shard price via a multi-timeframe graph, with 5 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month options.
- Monitor your Shard balance via either the Daily or Weekly Graph.
- Monitor your staking gains per Day or per Week
- View Shard price, market cap, 24h volume and 24h % change
- View your total balance in $USD
- View how much each transaction you send, receive or stake is worth in $USD
- View a transaction on the block explorer by clicking on the txid
- View your Shard balance for each address on the address page

And some display fixes:
- You can once again view estimated potential stakes on the coin control page
- You can now accurately compare your staking weight against the network weight by hovering over the staking icon

We would like to notify everyone that the coming visual upgrade is not a mandatory update, however we have another update planned for the coming weeks that will require everyone to update. We are currently waiting on replies from some exchanges and other partners before announcing a date for that.
The team has been working on the UI testing feedback for the Shard v2 wallet update and the reported issues are now fixed. At the same time we have been implementing the new chain updates and are now testing these before releasing the complete v2 update. This means the coming Shard v2 update will be a mandatory update. This will simplify the update process for everyone, requiring just one update instead of two in succession. Some of the extra changes include:

Automated Stack Targeting - This is a new unique feature developed by the Shard team to automate splitting and combining of staked stacks, targeting an optimal balance between network stability and staking speed. At current network staking rates this results in an average target stack around 3x greater than previously!

77% reduced maximum supply - This is more in line with the current supply and better represents Shard's scarcity.

Stake % changes - For a more scalable long term future, estimated to take well over 100 years to reach the new max supply.

The team is also making modifications to the github so that community members can clearly view Shard wallet information and more easily contribute to development as an open source project.

We are looking to have everything ready for release over the next couple weeks and then push the new wallet. Once we push the Shard v2 wallet everyone will have around 4 weeks from the announced date to update their wallets before the mandatory change will take effect. This will give plenty of time for all users and partners to update to the new wallet. There will also be announcements every so often during those 4 weeks to remind everyone to update.

These enhancements follow our long term vision for Shard and prepare the way for potential future changes that the team will be looking into, to further increase scalability and usability of Shard as a functional and desirable global cryptocurrency with a strong focus on the future.
We are happy to announce that Nova Exchange has listed Shard as part of their Cryptopia listing scheme. Shard has trading pairs against both BTC and DOGE on their platform and they are open now for trading.

As always be sure to do your own due diligence before using any new platform.
The Shard core v2 wallet update has been released!

The new Shard wallet has a wealth of new features and improvements, with a completely overhauled UI to ensure Shard really stands out from the crowd as a top quality project.
There are also many fixes and enhancements to the core code such as our unique automated stack targeting which will decide whether to split or combine your stakes based on network conditions for enhanced stability.

This update has future consensus changes and as such everyone will have until block 300,000 (~July 21st) to download the new wallet.

You will also notice that we have updated the entire Shard github making it now more detailed and friendly for community contribution to the Shard core. We are also planning to create a development reward program for community developments on the Shard chain after they have been proposed and accepted. More on this will be announced in the future.

The wallet download links are available on the Shard website:
Take a look at Shard on medium for our article detailing the Shard Core v2.0 wallet update.

We will be looking to use medium for future major announcements or to provide insights on Shard.
The Shard whitepaper has been updated with the latest wallet information and Shard features, future Shard chain aims and some additional information. We have also linked to the Shardax information document at the end of the Whitepaper which provides a little bit more insight on Shardax such as coin integrations, features, partners and more.

Shard Whitepaper:

Shardax Information Doc and the Github burn table have been updated with the latest Burn total of 1,535,000 Shard, following the 450,000 Shard burned today. You can view the burn transaction and reduced supply on the block explorer.
Shard has been listed on Combatnerd which allows you to track PoS coins.
If you would like to take a look you can visit
We have now passed block 300,000 and the reward for securing the network is now 25%. If you have not updated to Version 2.0 of the Shard Wallet make sure to do so. There are still a few nodes running Version 1.0, however the majority of validators have successfully updated their wallets.

For more information regarding this wallet update, take a look at the following medium article
Shard has been listed on MyCointainer which is an online automatic staking and masternode platform.

If you would like to take a look you can visit