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Shard is a secure and scalable decentralized digital currency and blockchain shaping the future of decentralized freedom globally.

Shard finds utility not only as a blockchain and digital currency but also as a utility coin on multiple Shardax Projects.
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to view and join the conversation and the Github burn table have been updated with the latest Burn total of 1,535,000 Shard, following the 450,000 Shard burned today. You can view the burn transaction and reduced supply on the block explorer.
Shard has been listed on Combatnerd which allows you to track PoS coins.
If you would like to take a look you can visit
We have now passed block 300,000 and the reward for securing the network is now 25%. If you have not updated to Version 2.0 of the Shard Wallet make sure to do so. There are still a few nodes running Version 1.0, however the majority of validators have successfully updated their wallets.

For more information regarding this wallet update, take a look at the following medium article
Shard has been listed on MyCointainer which is an online automatic staking and masternode platform.

If you would like to take a look you can visit
We have released an article on the latest Shard developments and the long awaited reveal of the Quantum Project!

The article contains some information in regards to what the quantum project is, including some of its proposed features and problems it could solve within this industry. It also talks a bit about what would be required to complete this innovative project and another potential project that would work alongside the Quantum Project.

This project has potential to truly be a game changer and we would request your feedback and suggestions, as community is at the core of Shard.

Take a read and please let us know in the quantum-suggestions channel on Discord what you think and your ideas after reading the article.
Dustin from has made an amazing custom Shard lamp!

If you would like to order one for yourself they are for sale at

Use promo code FALL15 to get 15% off until the end of the month!
If you are interested in getting Shard straight to your wallet without the need to use an exchange, you can visit to simply swap from BTC, BNB, LTC, XRP to get Shard.
If you have 100,000+ Shard you can access the Infinity Wallet UI prototype and be able to explore and provide your feedback on the UI and the features it contains.

If you meet the requirement you can contact the Shardax team on discord to verify and gain access.
Eager to use Shard with the Infinity Wallet?

View the custom Shard page on the Infinity Wallet website for a look at some of the features to come.
We have released an update regarding the latest direction we are looking to head with Shard in 2020/2021 along with information on exchanges, funding, team members we are looking for, and the 2 potential future projects the Quantum project and the decentralized exchange to be built on top of it.

Find out more here:
The Shard Explorer domain has been updated to
We are looking for someone to join our team with the role of business development, involving investor relations and partnerships. As we look to grow and push forward with the Shard blockchain/ecosystem and its significant changes that have been in planning as we look to secure funding.

If you or someone you know has experience and believes in our ecosystem, goals, vision and future then contact or get them to contact

Lets build the future together one day at a time!
We have released a Shard update for August in regards to the current position of Shard, future, and community involvement, as well as a new website and whitepaper in development.

We would love to hear your feedback so let us know what you think regarding some of the points in this article.
The Shard website has received a full new update as we look to push Shard forward. The website has had the entire UI re-worked as well as more information added.

You will find new information such as Shard grants from the development fund for community projects and community activities, additional Shardax partnered project reveals and what we look to achieve in the coming years.

To celebrate the new website launch we will be burning 100,000 Shard in the next weeks.

Take a look and let us know your feedback on what you think. We now look to rework the whitepaper and update the website, which is a broker between exchanges to make getting Shard easier.
⚡️Barter Trade is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Shard⚡️

💥BART will be listed on Infinity wallet, a wallet with endless possibilities, and SHARD will be listed on Barter Trade upon the launch of the exchange next month.

Both projects will further collaborate to explore a number of opportunities to push for ecosystem growth and adoption.

We are happy to officially announce our strategic partnership with Barter Trade, this is something that the community has been really enthusiastic towards!

Shard will be listed on Barter Trade upon launch of their exchange within the coming month, so make sure to keep an eye out.

We look to explore further opportunities together in the future to collaborate and grow our ecosystems.
If you would like to see Shard listed on Altilly exchange, as many of you over the last months have requested, then you can now vote for Shard to be listed in the current Altilly listing vote round.

To vote visit the following page and vote for Shard
After winning the Altilly voting competition Shard has been listed and is available to be traded on the following pairs SHARD/BTC and SHARD/XQR.

To trade on Altilly go to
The Swap Shard website has received a full new rework as previously announced.

Rates via are directly from exchanges Shard is listed on so make sure to check it out!
The Shard supply has decreased as we have just burned 150,000 Shard!

Make sure to vote for your favourite coin to be listed on the Infinity Wallet at as on a coin winning all Shard sent for that coin will be burned.