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Latest news updates about the world's biggest IT Logistics project.
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We have added a number of exciting new features and quality of life changes to our platform in recent weeks.

Thank you to our users for providing us with feedback that allows us to continue to develop and improve SeaRates.

Find our updated list of shipping lines here:
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Maximize efficiency with shipping containers and see exactly how best to load your cargo using our Load Calculator tool.

Square or round objects are schematically displayed as 3D models to help you optimise container stuffing and uncover just how much space will be leftover.

Try our demo at
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Access shipping schedules by route or vessel with multiple shipping lines.

Simply enter a date, your point of departure, and arrival time, and we'll show you actual sailing dates within major ocean carriers for container shipping and beyond.

Plan ahead with SeaRates.
We have added new features throughout our website and done some debugging of optimization of existing ones based on feedback we have received from our users.

We are committed to making SeaRates the best experience for our users.

Find our updated list of shipping lines here:
A host of optimisations and interface improvements are coming to SeaRates this week as we continue to advance our user experience to the next level.

Visit our blog for more on the latest updates:
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We’re proud to say that we have added support for four more providers:

Wallenius Wilhelmsen
Seino Logix

We now support a total of 112 carriers and 12 leasing companies, making our platform one of the few that can offer support for a wide variety of shipping lines. Contact us at