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Forwarded from Zloadr
Forwarded from Zloadr
Welcome to Zloadr’s 'FREE' trading signal channel.

We provide non-financial regulated advice and utilise a proven risk/reward strategy in order to maximise profits whilst risking only a small % of your balance with Zloadr’s app.

Our current users are seeing profits of £20-£200+ daily - Low risk, high rewards✔️

To get started on profiting from buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH):

1️⃣ Download Zloadr’s mobile app for iOS or Android.

* Apple store:
* Android Store:

2️⃣ Deposit a minimum of £250 by Paypal to trade with, by visiting the “Deposit Fiat Currency” tab within the app.
3️⃣ Allow notifications for this channel to receive our daily buy and sell signals.

💰Let’s get started making profits💰