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Open-source images show that one of the Russians accused in a 2018 'Novichok' attack in Britain was in attendance as the secretive head of a Russian military unit gave his daughter away in marriage.

Anatoly Chepiga's presence at the wedding adds to the evidence linking him to Russian military intelligence and further undermines his claim that he is just a nutritional-supplements salesman who visited Salisbury to admire its architecture.
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This is why a Bosnia version of House of Cards would be quite intriguing... and quite tough to follow!
After Putin's partial purge of his human rights council, the outspoken ousted members say the reshuffle was more than just a simple initiative to bring in fresh faces.

"The country’s leadership is less and less tolerant of irritants. It wants comfort, a soft seat, and pleasant words. It doesn’t want to hear unpleasant ones."
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Western satirists have had a good laugh about Turkmenistan. (And so have we.) But what is daily life there actually like? There are glistening golden statues -- but no bread, eggs, jobs, or civil liberties.
The revolution that swept the Bolsheviks to power was 102 years ago today. Some parts of Moscow and St. Petersburg have barely changed since then.
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In his backpack, investigators say they found two severed arms and a gun.