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Quantstamp’s mission is to secure the decentralized internet, and has protected $1B in digital asset risk from hackers. More than 120 startups, foundations and enterprises work
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🥇@MakerDAO played a foundational role in DeFi and continues to demonstrate itself as a leader today.

Quantstamp is proud to have audited Liquidations 2.0 (MIP 45), a proposed upgrade, and the Dai Peg Stability Module for the Maker ecosystem🛡
Quantstamp is proud to announce that we recently conducted several security engagements with the Flow blockchain ecosystem. Flow was originally created by Dapper Labs, the creators of NBA Top Shot.

Quantstamp audited Flow's core smart contracts and the Ethereum smart contracts responsible for teleporting USDT to and from Ethereum and BloctoSwap, the first decentralized exchange running on Flow. Quantstamp is also in the process of reviewing Cadence, Flow's new smart contract language.
Quantstamp audited BitGo's Ethereum multisignature wallets🛡

Learn more about BitGo’s custodial services, publicly traded companies making large purchases of digital assets, and where we think traditional finance is headed 🏦
NFTs are a hot topic, but their non-fungible nature means they aren't easily transferable, and value can be difficult to determine—until now.

Learn how #NFT index funds are unlocking liquidity, accessibility, & sustainable options for NFT owners💧🚀
Many predators lurk in Ethereum’s dark forest 🌘🌳

Learn how KeeperDAO hides miner extractable value (MEV) by creating games that ensure users, bots and protocols stand more to gain by cooperating than competing
Crypto lending 2.0 is in development 🏦 🌐

Learn how protocols like Teller Finance, Alkemi Network and Maple Finance are taking lending to the next level by offering unsecured loans, bridging CeFi to DeFi and lending to crypto institutions.
Quantstamp audited ICHI protocol's ichi-oneToken repository at commit 09fca74 and 11c210e.

ICHI enables cryptocurrency communities to create and govern their own stablecoin.

Learn more in the post below 👇
Quantstamp audited Qredo Network's qredo-token repository at commit 67ce8d3.

Qredo Network seeks to bring deep liquidity and capital efficiency to the custody of digital assets 💧

Read full audit report below 👇
Do you have lots of crypto locked up in DeFi? 🤑

If the DeFi apps you use received audits, did you check out the reports? 🤔

Learn the basics of how to read a Quantstamp audit report below 👇
We are expanding our operations to Germany and hiring 15 engineers by Dec 2022 🇩🇪

Interested in working for us?

3 employees discuss what it is like to work at Quantstamp including the benefits, perks, work/life balance and culture.
While DeFi's "money legos" offer seemingly endless potential, this comes along with increased complexity, complex interactions, and novel attack vectors 🏗😈

Learn how to navigate some of #DeFi's dangers in our latest post
https://lnkd.in/gEVqK7s ⚔️
Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is happening now! 🚀🚀🚀

Read this blog post to learn how companies like Visa, Stripe, Christie's, the NBA and Budweiser are entering the fold 😎
After a record-setting NFT-collateralized loan was obtained earlier this year, various other protocols have emerged 🛠️

Learn how the financialization of NFTs is unlocking endless use cases for these previously illiquid assets 📈