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We’ll be hosting John from American Defense Skinheads and Fascine in the first hour this week. Any questions on the scene, the music, the history? Drop ‘em here and we’ll definitely get to them. And fret not, plenty of dad content in the second hour as always.
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The Telegram group 'Tommy Robinson supporters', which contains his lieutenants, was changed to 'Tommy Robinson supporters / Eye on Antisemitism' and is now called 'Black and White Unite' (which may or may not signify approval of current trends in advertising) and has anti-Nazi memes as its icon.

What distinguishes these people from Antifa?
Would the Jew-owned media lavish praise on a White American Foundation - one funded by whites with a “commitment to their own community?”

One - just one - white tycoon with a cell of backbone could make heads explode with a similar endowment and just a tiny fraction of his net worth.
Mr. Producer is plumbing new depths of depravity and perfidy by calling out tonight. With recording delayed, finally sat down with Junior to watch Attack on Titan (on Hulu, one week free trial). Karl Marx Titan spotted in the wild.
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If masculinity were truly toxic, then kids growing up without a father would be presumably better off than those who have them. They're not. They tend to be more depressed, aggressive and criminal. Truth is, we need more masculinity in society, not less.
Yes, The CIA Is Woke, What Are We Gonna Do About It?

New editorial by Mike Peinovich

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There are working class families out there, right now, who are having brutal conversations around the dinner table as to whether or not grandma's life saving surgery is worth it, or if the family would be better off financially if she just dropped dead.

Meanwhile, insurance companies in the State of WA will now gladly pay for the genital mutilation and HRT cocktail for any freak, degenerate, or illegal immigrant that dares wander in!

The United States cares more about the mental well being of the genetic flotsam of society then it does about the life span of your own family. Think about that the next time you hear your Republican friend swoon over the words of their latest darling Bruce Jenner. A guy like him is the future, and you're the past they hope to bury. Literally.

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A Hungarian WWI memorial in Vacratot beautifully tells the story of ultimate sacrifice, men made to fight a jewish war for their country & the broken families it created
Forwarded from Dissident Doctrine
Critical Race Theory (CRT) is one of the many anti-White weapons pushed to the fore of mainstream conservative discourse in the last few years. Notably, Tucker Carlson Tonight ran a bit covering the topic of CRT on their September of 2020 episode. That interview featured Christopher Rufo, who fashions himself as a crusader against the illiberalism of CRT premises. It should be appreciated that Rufo's interview served the purpose of making Whites on the political right more aware of the weapons being used against them, but the unfortunate reality is that Tucker and Rufo's expose of this detestable theory are incomplete, and are of little practical use in organizing politically against CRT. Rufo's more recent lecture on CRT was a great opportunity to dig into CRT in a longer, more flexible format than primetime television offers, but Rufo again failed to deliver a clear picture of the problem while also prescribing harmful, ineffective solutions for how to fight CRT.

This fits into a larger pattern of mainstream right wing commentary on issues that matter to the White political class. Pundits often complain about the same problems that their White viewers and readers are worried about, but fail to describe them in a useful way, which leads to a failure to provide the adequate treatment for the problem. Christopher Rufo has done exactly this in his March 30, 2020 lecture at Hillsdale college "Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It". As a favor to Christopher Rufo's readers, Dissident Doctrine is offering a multi-part critique of his work with the hope that a clearer understanding of the problem can lead them to effective political solutions.
Growing up, my dad sometimes mentioned that he was 30 when I was born (his first kid) and that his father was 30 when he was born (also his first kid). So I simply assumed that 30 was the standard for when you’re supposed to start having children. And I kept up the tradition: Junior arrived a month before I turned 31. We could have started several years earlier, and now certainly wish we had.

Life is a race to achieve as much love, joy, struggle, and accomplishment as possible before the clock runs out. There is no greater joy or motivation than having children and, one day hopefully, grandchildren. The sooner you start - within reason - the more you win. https://hmmdaily.com/2018/10/18/your-real-biological-clock-is-youre-going-to-die/
As I've said. They're completely frightened. They've been found out. Again. And now they're trying to shut it down.

Keep pushing. We're going to win.
“Caitlyn” now looks just like Donny Jr’s plastic plaything Kim Guilfoyle. 😂
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On May 8, 2020, Paul Charles Marino and Lidia Marino were executed by a stranger in a cemetery. The couple's son had passed away a few years earlier, and they made a daily habit of visiting his grave. Sheldon Francis apparently targeted Paul and Lidia at random. According to one of their other sons, Sheldon "came up behind them, pulled out a handgun and did his thing. He shot our dad in the back of the head... We don't know if he shot our mom first in front of our dad or if he shot our dad first in front of our mom. We don't even know if they saw him."
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