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"Go West, young man."

My current route will take me through the Great Plains, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada.

I am “calling the banners” in case any supporters/readers/viewers of mine in those areas would like to meet up for a chat, or if they could possibly let one Ronin crash on their couch for a night.

If not, all is well, all the same.

Kind regards from your fellow American,

Addy Adds

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“The phrase "Go West, young man" is often attributed to Horace Greeley, a 19th-century American newspaper editor and founder of the New York Tribune. The phrase encapsulates the idea of westward expansion in the United States, encouraging young men to seek their fortunes by moving to the Western frontier.

However, there's some debate about the precise origins of the phrase. It is believed that Greeley popularized the sentiment, but the exact phrasing "Go West, young man, and grow up with the country" might have been first penned by John B. L. Soule, an Indiana journalist, in an 1851 Terre Haute Express editorial. Greeley later acknowledged Soule's contribution but claimed that he gave the phrase broader national exposure.

Regardless of its precise origin, the sentiment of the phrase captured the spirit of the times, as the 19th century was a period of rapid westward expansion and settlement in the U.S., driven by factors like the Gold Rush, the Homestead Act, and the completion of the transcontinental railroad.”

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