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Neuro (NRC) cruptocurrency for neural networks, machine lerning, big data
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Our developers are completing creation High Performance Neuro Storage. Technical announcement will be very soon!
Ecological, modern mining mechanism. Reliability of data storage 99.9999%!
Journey to the future begins tomorrow!
If you have a bitcoin-ASIC please mine NRO now.
Proof-of-Work will be out of the game soon. But you can hang this picture in your living room.
We recommend that all of you subscribe to the Youtube Neuro Channel. So you can be the very first to be aware of awaiting the whole world of grandiose events!
All other social groups wiil be updated later.
Hi DataScientist,

Neuro is ready and will be included in our next update.

Kind Regards,
Coinomi Support
Please keep calm! We just debug the Neuro Storage. #StarryNight #Yell #DontWarry #BeHappy #Neuro #cryptocurrency #willnot #fall #ToTheZero