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I'm on now!
My epic September 2015 video on the migrant crisis, made just after Merkel threw open the gates of Europe:
If anyone knows of any large bonfires (like this one) taking place in England over the next few months, please let me know. I would very much like to film such a bonfire. I can be emailed at
This Scandza Forum video with Helmuth Nyborg was removed by Youtube:
I am grateful to everyone for the birthday wishes, but unfortunately today is not my birthday. It is just a random date that I chose for my FB sock account! I thought everyone knew that these dates are fake. However, I do appreciate the well wishes. Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and fans.
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Nick Monroe has been researching connections between antifa and Twitter staff. It is at once infuriating, frightening, and depressingly unsurprising:
I have been busy arranging Millenniyule as if everything is normal, but it is possible that, come this time tomorrow, my channel will be gone due to the purge that people are fearing will come with YouTube's implementation of its new terms. If this does happen, I will stream Millenniyule on DLive and it will be archived on BitChute. Updates will be posted here.
The fancy editing on my latest video was done by Metasight, who can be contacted here: