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Red Ice have lost their main Youtube channel.

Please subscribe to Henrik and Lana on Bitchute:

and their backup Youtube channel:

And tweet at Youtube to undo this outrage:
Please do your bit. Lobby TeamYoutube on Twitter to reinstate Red Ice!
Forwarded from Mark Collett
I am not sure what disgusts me the most, the fact YouTube deplatformed Red Ice TV, or the fact that those who constantly talk about freedom of speech said nothing about it.
"Is there any chance you could please let your audience know about the It's Okay To Be White 2019 campaign? I'm trying to bring in as many participants as possible like in previous years. The rules are simply to use the original poster design without changing it (, do not vandalize property or do anything illegal while putting them up and wear a Halloween mask to protect your identity from media smears."
Red Ice's backup channel has been shut down by Youtube. Please subscribe to them on Bitchute:
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Red Ice's appearance on InfoWars "The War Room":