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Official Memefest channel. Radical Design+Communication. We will post news, info, updates on Memefest here. Feel free to invite the right people. Join us at for discussions.
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Hi all, this looks as it could be a cool channel for us to use. Welcome, Oliver
OK, still testing this. Seems like this channel is "read only", thats how Telegram has set things up. But I opened a Memefest "Group" and there anyone can post, comment etc. Here is the link:
OK…seems like there is an option to add comments here on the channel too…
I am looking forward to this one coming up on Tuesday. The festival is still working on their web site but I was told that the full program will be published today (Sunday, Colombian time). I think that Arturo is perhaps the most relevant voice in Design today. If you would like us to consider a particular question that you might have in our session, you are welcome to post your question here. Check this link for more info:
Oliver Vodeb and Arturo Escobar in Dialogue
Here are all the papers from the Participatory Design conference at the Festival de la Imagen, Manizales. Vol 2
Vol 1
Very sad news, David Graeber died. He was influential to our work too, our 2012 edition of Memefest on Debt was directly influenced by his work on the topic and this beautiful book that came our later is a direct reflection on this intellectual relation too: Here is a post on Graeber including a video he published talking about his latest projects just few days ago. It is really sad to loose somebody like him.