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get free solana airdrop $glow more info: get glow on raydium:
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backup account AIRDROP... for everyone who retweets this: and already has some GLOW i will give you 5 more GLOW! 😊
i receive these lemons as a gift two days ago.. guess how much one costs?
good morning everyone! 😊 today i will be thinking of more airdrops and strategies to make $glow grow 😃
5 more glow holders and we have 100 ... just drop your solana address now if you havent received any yet
i am going to a french market now in the pyrenees. so i am back in a few hours
i am back from the market 😊
RARE opportunity.. i need to knock down the price of $GLOW because i made a mistake in the beginning setting to price to high. thereby having a market cap of over 100 million which would deter newcommers... so lets consider this a reset.. now the price is EXTREMELY LOW you can become a major glow holder with a few dollars
i see someone already took advantage.. thats very very smart because fully diluted market cap is right now like only 3780 USD..
$1 right now gets you 25m glow 😃
its going up 3 people already bought over 1m $glow
fully diluted market cap just reached $4323 :-) $glow on solana #solana $glow
fully diluted market cap just reached $4588 :-) $glow on solana #solana $glow
i still cant figure out how to make all the metadata appear for glow spl token on solscan... if anybody knows anything about this let me know and if you can help me i will drop you some glow 😃
haha.. i am stupid.. so solscan actually has a contact information ... i just wrote them to do a full update on $glow token on their token page 😃 fingers crossed
today i am installing linux subsystem on windows and then using metaboss to change the metadata on $GLOW so all the information shows properly on solscan 😃 which me luck 😃 in the meantime you still can get glow for extremely cheap. LIKE I MEAN REALLY CHEAP 😃
so a short update... i managed to update META data on the glow token.. so i know the process but its not taking the new information correctly. i will need more time to figure it out... once its figured out solscan should show more data about glow and some other solana based GUIs etc... then it will start to be noticed... apparently solscan is also taking a look into this .. fingers crossed
my rough guess is the meta data only takes ARWEAVE json files and not selfhosted ones... i am trying to test whether thats the case
somebody sold 1m glow for like a few cent profit... no wonder some people remain poor their whole life 😃 😃