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Forwarded from TARTARIA BRAZIL
🇧🇷 Qual foi o verdadeiro propósito destas estruturas da qual são chamados de "aquedutos": conduzir águas ou monocarril?

🇺🇸 What was the real purpose of these structures of which they are called "aqueducts": to conduct water or monorail?
Forwarded from Awakened_144
8 August 2022 China + Australia ✨️⚡️👀💜

Luminous Infusions

From Philippe François
Forwarded from Digital Soldier 🇭🇺 (Judy/ Pénzes Judit)
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🇲🇽 Mexikó
Súlyos árvíz Nogalesben, Sonora államban.
Forwarded from mRNA Death Toll (mikhail orlov)
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ITALY -In Italian Piedmont there has been a "mysterious" loss of livestock.

Do you know how it happens?

The vet comes in, vaccinates the animals against the fashionable disease, and then they all die.

Forwarded from Jericho-masnap (Jericho Másnap)
A forradalom nem kapott engedélyt...
Anne Heche dies on the 12/8/2022


The day after Robyn Griggs dies on the 13/8/2022
She’s starred in 17 films/series.

Both actresses have starred in a series called ‘Another world’.

Forwarded from Tartaria & History Channel (Larry)
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Here we see an Audi A8 2.5 tdi. This vehicle runs using water as an additive to the normal fuel. This electrolysis cell produces hydrogen which is fed into the engine using teflon-tubes.

This full cell just works with distilled water (H2O) There is a water container on the right supplying the necessary amount of water. Using one litre this car can travel about 5000 kilometres.

Fuel savings of 30% are reached, through an optimization of the combustion. The cell begins breaking down water when i start the engine
and now water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen. Using this tube and intake manifold, the gas reaches the engine.

We can now observe the exhaust system. As you see… there is nothing. Meaning if i hold a piece of white tissue paper next to / over the exhaust  it should show residue. The ‘HC’ levels and all other toxic emissions are reduced to 0.

Translation by Ralf Siegesmund
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