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MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** MarketGod continues to deliver results for our users. Know the market better than anyone else with our tool. Running a special on pricing for next month in celebration of a successful first two months.…
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** Buy 📈 Sell 📉 Repeat ♻️ MarketGod 6.4 coming soon 💯 #SPX @ Seattle, Washington
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @NathanKyamSmith: Hey guys, posted today's summary with some takeaways for low volume days! $SPX calls today using @MarketGodPro yielded over 900%. That's incredible, kudos to those who took a position yesterday or at open today!
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @NathanKyamSmith: Made a couple trades using @MarketGodPro today finally, I’m out for the day now so I’ll post the update blog over the weekend for day 4 of the test.
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** We will be releasing MarketGod v6.4 tomorrow. Official release notes and update will be posted on this page.
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @rjr13579: Loving the new @MarketGodPro v6.4. Got in after the 1H painted buy. 3 hours later I was looking to exit but stayed in it. 4H and 1D were of course green. Monster scalps were attained. 🔥🔥 Thanks @KingThies
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** New Affiliate program out now —>
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** We are working on (re)launching our Discord community for users. We are in need of a few moderators to help us manage questions, feedback and discussion. We will be compensating mods for their time in the group. Interested? Please fill out this form -->
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** It’s going down 🌲
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** @KingThies Very Market Much God So wow
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** Incase you hadn’t heard ... we released v6.4 this week. Current users can access the script now. Read this blog post to find out how: Want to sign up? We are offering 25% off via the code “bitcorn” when you register on our site
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** @nrj_pat @KingThies @KingThies uses HA but by design it’s up to the trader.
MarketGodPro Just tweeted ********************************************** Don’t forget to actually use us this time sir 🙄
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