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True to our vision, we aspire in connecting everything about education in Sri Lanka.
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‘සුභාෂක 2020’ the speech contest

‘සුභාෂක 2020’ is a speech contest organised by the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo. The contest has now moved forward to the semi finals and the qualified contestants are as below.
NSBM Re-opened for their undergraduates

NSBM re-opened their gates for the undergraduates on 15 June 2020. The university is said to be following strict guidelines issued by the government in order to safeguard everyone from Covid-19. Although a high attendance rate was observed for physical classes, the university has also offered online classes for their students.
Free Scholarships with KlassHub

We are happy to inform you that we have joined hands with many parties that will be offering free scholarships locally as well as from countries across the globe. Join us and be the first to get to know the updates. *Please note that we do not provide any scholarships. We only send updates on […]
Things to avoid after school starts

ඉදිරි මාස කිහිපය තුළ පාසල් ආශ්‍රිතව විෂය බාහිර ක්‍රියාකාරකම් සීමා කරන්නැයි අධ්‍යාපන අමාත්‍යාංශය දැනුම් දී තිබෙනවා. එහි ලේකම් එම්.එච්.එම් චිත්‍රානන්ද මහතා පැවසුවේ මග හැරුණු විෂය මාලා ආවරණය කිරීම සඳහා හැකි උපරිමයෙන් අදාළ කාල සීමාව උපයෝගී කර ගත යුතු බවයි. උදෑසන රැස්වීම්, දින සැමරුම් වැනි විෂය බාහිර ක්‍රියාකාරකම් මෙම කාල සීමාවේ හැකිතාක් සීමා කරන්නැයිද ඔහු සියලු […]
SLIIT Online Exams a success

Marking another first on the road map to perfecting its systems during lockdown, the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) successfully conducted exams for close on 10,000 of its student body.  The online examinations were held for students of different faculties such as Computing, Engineering, Business, Humanities & Sciences, Graduate Studies & Research, School […]
Tuition classes started with safety in place

Most of the private tuition classes have now started across the island after a lapse of nearly 3 months. All classes were closed due to Covid-19 outbreak in February. We saw many classes adhering to the safety guidelines issued by the health ministry and ministry of education.
All schools and educational institutes to be opened

දිවයිනේ සියලු ම පාසල්වල 1,2 ශ්‍රේණි, පෙර පාසල්, ජාතික අධ්‍යාපන විද්‍යාපීඨ සහ ගුරු විද්‍යාල ආරම්භ කිරීමට දින නියම වෙයි අධ්‍යාපන ආයතන නැවත විවෘත කොට සිසු අයිතියට පැවරීම පිළිබඳ ව අද පැවති අමාත්‍ය මණ්ඩලයේ දී දීර්ඝ ව සාකච්ඡා කරන ලදී. ඒ අනුව, සෞඛ්‍ය සේවා අධ්‍යක්ෂ ජෙනරාල්ගේ මාර්ගෝපදේශයන්ට යටත් ව දිවයිනේ සියලු පාසල්වල 1 සහ 2 ශ්‍රේණි සහ […]
Survey on A/L Examination due date by MoE

2020 අ.පො.ස. (උසස් පෙළ) විභාගය පැවැත්වෙන දිනය පිළිබඳව මතය විමසීමගරු අධ්‍යාපන අමාත්‍යතුමාගේ උපදෙස් පරිදි අධ්‍යාපන අමාත්‍යංශය විසින් අ.පො.ස. (උසස් පෙළ) විභාගය ආරම්භ කිරීමට දැනට දින නියම වී ඇති සැප්තැම්බර් 7 දින, විභාගය පැවැත්වීම පිළිබඳව මතය විමසීමට තීරණය කර ඇත. ඒ අනුව ඔබගේ මතය පහත සබැඳියෙන් ගොස් ප්‍රකාශ කරන්න. මතය විමසීමේ අවසන් දිනය 2020-07-10 වේ. https://forms.gle/HTaoMt6fe2sqQxXJ7 […]
A/L exam due date survey – Results

We conducted a survey on the due date of Advanced Level examination. Below is the result as of date. A/L සැප්තැම්බර් මාසයේ තියෙන එක සාධාරණද? If you still have not voted, vote now below.
Schools reopen under strict health precautions

All government schools that were closed over a prolonged period of time to curtail the spread of COVID-19 within the country were re-opened today (July 06) for three grades. The government directed all public schools to be reopened under four stages. Under the first stage, the teachers and principals had returned to schools on the […]
Dialog endorses resumption of Schools Rugby

Dialog Axiata has given their consent to Sri Lankan Schools Rugby Football Association (SLSRFA) to resume the Inter Schools Rugby tournament, which was halted way back in March due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, provided the green light is granted from the other relevant authorities the Ministry of Education (MOE), and Ministry of Health […]
A/L Vocational Stream Call for Applications for Grade 12 – 2020

Advanced Level Vocational Stream (Thirteen Years Guaranteed Education Programme) Call for Applications for Grade 12 Admissions – 2020 Applications are called for student admissions to Grade 12 under the A/L Vocational Stream. Students may apply for admission selecting schools from the 423 schools (please obtain the list of schools here) that will implement the Vocational […]
Opening of the new building at Kingswood

The opening ceremony of the new builing of Kingswood College, Kandy was held recently.
CSR Project by UCD Batch 23 of NSBM

“දෑත” CSR Project was organized by UCD Batch 23, in collaboration with the NSBM Buddhist Society, with the intention of uplifting those affected by the current pandemic. The project offered a helping hand to 150 under-privileged families in Pitipana, Homagama and 50 families of the cleaning staff of NSBM Green University Town. Prof. E A […]
155th Anniversary of St. Benedict’s College

St. Benedict’s College, Colombo 13 celebrated their 155th anniversary of the college with limited participation of students and staff. St. Benedict’s College is the oldest catholic school in Colombo.
New dates set for A/L and Scholarship exams

The Ministry of Education has decided on dates to hold the G. C. E. Advanced Level examination and the Grade 5 Scholarship examination for the…
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O/L Exams Postponed to 2022

Education Minister of Sri Lanka Professor G. L. Peiris has announced that the 2021 G.C.E. Ordinary Level (O/L) Examination will take place from 21 February to 03 March 2022.