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Forwarded from YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer (Amandha Vollmer)
Be courageous. Be bold. Be real. Filter your life through goodness. Feel all sensations. Allow the process. Accept. Pause. Listen.

With love, ADV 💚


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Beth Martens' King 👑 Hero Zone
Coming up Wednesday on the King Hero's Journey, Amandha Vollmer is joining us to share what it's taken her to take care of her patients and her community without letting it take her out, and why the Nurturer archetype is front and centre in any helping profession!…
It looks like we're needing to reschedule this interview with Amandha Vollmer for another time/day, I will jump on live anyway to meet with the community, which I haven't done for a long while.

See ya there! xo
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My son is helping me make shorts from my interview, here's the first one from my recent interview with Rose777! She's talking about the consequences of having bad boundaries. <3


If you're a helping spirit called to clean up on boundaries check out my upcoming course, The Nurturer's Cure: Crushing With Boundaries. It starts July 10 and the early bird is on until JUNE 15th only!

And if you missed it, the free recording of Getting Off the Nurturer Pendulum Swing
Priceless :-D
I called these clouds, fake and gay on my Facebook and some people didn’t like it. Zoom in they were creepy.

Where did I go wrong? 😂
Yup!! 💥
At a recent appointment with an osteopath I had a revelation I wanted to share in case anyone can relate. He said something he found in my neck that might go back to my birth. So as he was working with me I went into visions of being born.

When I was pregnant with my son, I recalled that when I asked my mom how my birth went, she said, “Who knew?” She told me it had been a twilight birth, which was very common in the 60’s when I was born. It was meant to save women from the pain of birth, but I now see how a much bigger pain was in fact caused.

After looking up the drugs that were used I discovered that “...many women in twilight sleep exhibited slowed pulse, decreased respiration, and delirium.” - Twilight Sleep By: Jessica Cartwright

For the first time on the osteopath’s table, I allowed myself to feel the shock of that, and the experience I had stored in my body, because of the effect of these drugs on my mom. I saw how I as an infant being born, I registered that my mom was dying. Because of the twilight experience induced by morphine and scopolamine, she was nowhere to be found.

What I immediately saw was how the Nurturer archetype in me at that time took root in the shadow with programs. I saw also how it messed up my mom’s Nurturer because she wasn’t present to my birth when care and nurturance gets downloaded.

And then I saw the big picture, and a big reason why most everyone suffers with Nurturer shadows. Because what happens to us when our caregivers go down is we immediately want to look after them, in hopes that we will survive.

But, since we don’t have the capacity and are for many years depending on others to meet our own needs, it’s a seed for the terrible boundaries we see people care with, even by the time they are adults.

When the time came, I already knew way too much about the dangers of a medical birth, so I chose to birth my son at home, in water, without barely any assistance, and zero medical interference or presence, or the need for it.

And I believe going through the birth of my son lucid, and not compromising myself or retreating from it at any stage I was able to not only birth my son naturally, but also myself as a competent caregiver.

And while I understand my mom's choice and forgive her for that, despite family telling me I was making him a dependent mama’s boy by answering his every possible need, especially in his first forming years…

I decided to follow my Nurturer instincts instead. And today, if I can take any credit for it, he’s an incredibly stable 17 year old with a clear head, a caring heart, and clear eyes for the agendas no less. He’s withstood all the pressure to jab in recent years, thank God, and remains alive and thriving with zero medical interference himself! He didn't fall for the "if you care about me you'll harm yourself" narrative being pushed.


In hopes of healing the damage, and growing our capacity for care for each other is why I'm offering The Nurturer Cure: Crushing With Boundaries course coming up, starting July 10th.

Because so much damage has been done to our caring instincts, I feel very much a mind f*ck by design, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

If you're ready to put an end to the patterns of care that hold you back, it's a good time to check out the course, because the early bird ends on Saturday, June 15th.

You can see all of the details for The Nurturer Cure here at this link:

And if you'd like to get your feet wet and get the free introduction training recording on Getting Off the Nurturer Pendulum Swing before jumping into the course, here's a link to sign up.


Excuse my bad language but this one hits the nail on the head!
One of the Nurturer archetype‘s gifts is loyalty. It’s also easily manipulated into a shadow, this is one of the ways I’m familiar with especially recently after some border adventures.
I’ll be on Chance Garton’s Innerverse talking about it tonight at 7 PM CDT!!

And Steve Falconer is interviewing me on the Rebel archetype today as well, how I got into trouble at the border. I'll share links when I get them!! 🔥
Anarchapulco's NonConformist Series is coming up this weekend!! My talk is on the biggest Achilles heel we face in creating decentralized societies, no matter how much you know about surviving a collapse. I'll show you why people are stuck and share a path that can be the glue that keeps you in functional relationships that withstand the test of pressure and time.

You can sign up for full access at the link below

And use the code for savings: FREEWILL
Forwarded from The Solari Report
Pushback of the Week: June 10, 2024: Ian Smith, Atilis Gym

Our pick for Pushback of the Week is Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym in New Jersey, who has achieved a significant legal victory. A New Jersey court has dismissed all 80 charges brought against him—charges that were the result of Smith’s decision to reopen his gym in May 2020, despite Governor Phil Murphy’s COVID-19 lockdown orders. Smith argued that the lockdown mandates were unconstitutional and detrimental to small businesses like Atilis Gym.

Solari commends Smith’s brave position and extends congratulations for his recent victory.

Full Report:

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Forwarded from Beth Martens
Yayzers I met him at Anarchapulco!!
Hey loves!

Do you love helping people, but you suffer your helping nature? You might think it’s just part of it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re ready to take a turn and deprogram the shadows of the Nurturer archetype, the early bird on my upcoming course, The Nurturer Cure: Crushing With Boundaries, is on today only!

Check out the link in the for all of the details.