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We offer support for all on the shamanic/spiritual path, including talking stick & drumming circles, shamanic & crystal healing, Munay-Ki rites, spiritual coaching, Tarot, Bach Flower Remedies, and more: (UK based)
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This morning was spent conducting angelic healing .... a bit different from shamanic or crystal healing! The angelic healing energies take place on a higher plane as I prepare, hold, and alter the space as guided/instructed. A lovely experience that I feel will have affect over the next two weeks for the recipient in ways that will be clear when they occur. Needed ways.

And as a lovely mark of thanks and communion, I saw so many small, perfect feathers on my walk just a half hour later. I do not ever remember seeing so many perfectly clean and shaped small feathers all the way along the route I walk. Some were white. I brought home 6 of them.

What a lovely morning 🙂

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We worked with fairy energy in the Lounge today 🧚🏼‍♀️ We go where you are called: goddesses? angels? mer-people? unicorns? dragons? Your personal connection and calling are unique. We are your bridge between worlds.

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There is no one way to working with spiritual forces. *Your* way is most potent when borne out of your experiences and personal higher learning. That’s how you bring all your tools together - all your five elements - to create that powerful whole. When you integrate your very essence into your practice, you *become* what you are looking for.

As you do this, learn to be “in awe” of what you feel, see, and discover. “Awe” is the way to stay humble to something greater than you that is infinite.

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Did you know... we also treat the physical body’s symptoms through herbal medicine and holistic remedies and therapies? The spirit body and physical body are not separate - they both affect each other and both need to be brought back to balance. While the spiritual or energetic approach tends to be that the higher vibrations of thought and emotion lead to the physical body’s state, you can also, in some cases, instigate change in the emotions and mind by treating the physical body first. This tends to be useful when the physical symptoms are acute or chronic.

Many spiritually-minded people focus only on the “higher vibrations”, but “earth matter” is just as important and not always difficult to modify. Of course, work at a higher level still needs to take place, but the aim is always to see you as whole person, with no one type of “body” being more important than the other.

The beauty of holistic therapies, like herbalism, flower remedies, and homoeopathy, is that they don’t block the connection between your physical and spiritual bodies, but facilitate it. They encourage them to work together. Herbs are beautiful tools for opening the physical body to its etheric counterpart and a herbal consultation begins with a thorough history of your medical needs and physical symptoms - in each bodily system (respiratory, musculoskeletal, etc) - as well as your emotional stressors. This is how we create a “match” for you in the best way we can with herbal remedies.

It is then not unusual for someone taking herbs for a month and more, to start having shifts in perception and lifestyle - this is in part the herbs’ more energetic actions taking affect (although a good consultation and client receptivity will start this process also).

Here are three things that put people off herbal medicine:
1) fear of the herbs being dangerous and doing more harm than good.
This is pretty much unheard of with a good herbalist trained in taking a medical/case history and looking for signs of sensitivity. It is also the reason for monthly follow-ups and open communication.

2) client compliance - taking the horrible tasting herbs.
Well, you’re going to have to put mind over matter here! Do you want to get better or not? Herbs can also be given in shots of tincture - pinch your nose and knock it back! (Harder for young kids, true, but young kids often need the sweeter tasting herbs - it’s rare you’d ever think of giving strong bitters to kids, they just don’t need them.)

3) cost. Unless you go to a group of community herbalists who grow their own herbs and make their own teas and tinctures (which is a practice everyone should encourage - definitely seek out your community herbalists!), herbalists have to buy in their stock from suppliers, which is what we do here for the most part. Yes, it can be costly. Our low-cost herbal clinic once a month makes herbal medicine affordable at a starting price of £20 per session including your herbs. We ONLY run it once a month because we wouldn’t be able to afford to offer this full time - this means the number of clients we see there are limited. Inquire if you are genuinely in need.

Our full cost is not that expensive comparatively, either: £75 per session including the herbs if you collect when ready (an extra £5 to post to you).

Read more about Dianna’s herbalism at Feel free to message with questions.
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Happy New Moon in Libra, everyone 🌒 The Tarot Monthly video for October, which covers a card for each star sign, is out soon. Do you want to join the newsletter to receive it? It’s free (and long at nearly 30 mins). Join at the bottom of
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I’ve decided from now on to make my Tarot Monthly videos available to everyone, but... the newsletter will contain info on how to read it according to your sun, moon, and rising signs, my extra thoughts on the Reading, as well as occasional offers on Readings. (So it’s still worth signing up!)

Tarot Monthly Video: Guidance for October, 2022:
Herbal consultations with Dianna take place here at the Lounge 🌱
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I’ve just received a small delivery of some beautiful herbs - stocking up on my medicinals 😊 Echinacea, White Willow Bark, Motherwort, Cleavers, and Elderflowers... It’s soooo rewarding working with herbs. Everything about them is just ALIVE 🌷

Photo: Hemp Agrimony growing wild (taken in the Summer).

Head on over to my website for info on herbal consultations: (or message me to ask)

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👆New Moon in Scorpio! (And a partial eclipse.)
First, let’s remember that moon tides (phases) are merely emotional tides. Nothing “happens” because of the phases of the moon or positions of the planets - rather, their electro-magnetic and energetic properties instigated by their phases and positions LENDS POTENTIAL to certain reactions from both people and the earth herself. As consciously aware beings, it’s important to know that our role is to become master charioteers so we can learn how to control ourselves and our baser reactions during these times. That’s where tarot comes in:

The new moon on 25th October may unearth “unpleasantness” for some with the hidden coming to light; the realisation that something was different than you thought. (Cont. below....)
Forwarded from Dianna - Heart Warrior
The way to rise into our higher selves at this time is seen in these two cards: Knight of Cups and Strength. Seek the “truth” with an open heart and remember that most people’s intentions are for the good, even if the outcome is iffy. Working together towards an outcome will fare you well and it’s possible to find strength in each other to overcome issues of authority and red tape. Sink yourself into poetry, the arts, and the beauty of nature - not as escapism, but to remind your heart what it really lives for. Most think strength is to do with wit and academic intelligence, or purely a physical thing. The greatest strength is “heart strength” - it comes from faith and trust, and the skill learnt from facing your inner-beast to transform into a more whole “you”.

It’s a good time for new beginnings with like-minded people, too, whether romantic or friendship-based, so do seek out each other.

Have a wonderful New Moon! And remember that nothing would really ever “happen” without reactions and actions from people. Be mindful and be brave 💖⭐️ Step out of your comfort zone.

Deck: Branches of the Celtic Tarot

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The Kia Ora Lounge website will be down for a redesign from about midday today (a landing page will go up) and may be down for a couple of days. The redesign is to accommodate a few new things in 2023. All services are still available, just ask. Thanks.
The new website is live and I hope you love it as much as I do! Many new things are available. Appointments are weekdays from 10am. Happy Sunday! 👉 🦋
Opening Times:
We are taking bookings until 20th December, then will be closed for appointments until Wednesday 4th January. Please book any appointments ASAP.

There is a Heart Warrior’s Circle planned for Friday 30th December, which is due to go ahead. If you wish to try out the circle, you need to book on.

Google business will be updated on Sunday and a newsletter will go out on Sunday, too.

If we don’t see you before the New Year, thank you for all your wonderful contributions and gifts this year - we have enjoyed meeting so many new people this year! - and have a wonderful end to 2022! Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas! ❄️🎄

Dianna, Alastair and our two cats 🐈
Google has been updated, but I have yet to send out the newsletter! I’ll be sitting down tomorrow to write it - you should receive it in the afternoon.

If we have a mentoring journey together, you’ll be getting an email from me, too, with a recap and a look at next year to complete your sessions.

Tarot readings and healing sessions are available before 23rd December. Book ASAP though.

All new proposals have been sent out.

Don’t forget to wind down, everyone 😴 It’s these two weeks before Christmas when everything gets crazy and we find ourselves swept off our feet with commitments and too much to fit in. It’s the time of year. But it is also the exact opposite to the needs of pre-Winter Solstice which is to retreat, rest, and recuperate. We are literally going against the flow. So, remember to simply STOP - even if just for two minutes - and feel the earth go into her needed sleep. (And then wonder how it is we became so far removed from the natural rhythms of life and our bodies!)

Don’t rush, and see you soon 👍

Bright wishes,