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We offer support for all on the shamanic/spiritual path, including talking stick & drumming circles, and various other sessions. We offer shamanic & crystal healing, Munay-Ki rites, spiritual coaching, and more:
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Forwarded from Dianna Walks Between Worlds (Dianna)
Card for the Weekend: 12th, 13th, 14th Feb, 2021
You and Spirit are one. Work with it. Full Reading at
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New page on my website discussing #Tarot. I could talk about this timeless and highly adaptable #divination system for an age and a day, I love Tarot so much. As a #storyteller, the images unfold like a real life fairy tale for me, and every reading I do for someone plays out like a film; like a chapter of their choose-your-own-adventure story.

(Cards shown: The Cosmic Tarot)
Money, business transactions and morality all play a role in the Energy Reading for next week (beg. 28th June):

#tarot #weeklytarot #spiritualguidance #energyforecast #tarotforecast
Never, ever be afraid of the dark. How can you transform something you are afraid of? Find power in the dark within you and befriend it. Rein it. Ride it. Therein lies the foundation for all light. The face you wear for the world is yours to choose. From water comes wine comes gold.

Deck: Murder of Crows Tarot.

#tarot #crowmagic #crows #shadowwork
Nothing in this world is evil. Nothing. It’s the way we USE what we have that imbues the evil. It is human intent that makes something good or evil. But no tool or book or learning or spiritual path on its own is evil. It’s a great power people have to make others fear a mere tool - it distracts them from looking instead at the person using it. By focusing on their tool, you could be thinking someone wishing you bad is wishing you good. Or you could be missing great healing from a wise teacher because you fear their tool. It’s about the person, not the tool.
Forwarded from Dianna Walks Between Worlds (Dianna)
Ruby in Zoisite pendants now available for sale 💚❤️

These are just gorgeous and have a really earthy, balancing energy. Someone I know also feels “dragon energy” when wearing hers 🐉

View them at

#rubyinzoisite #dragons #dragonenergy #forests #mothergaia #earthenergy #fairies #naturedevas
Our TINY online shop has now been re-opened, with a focus ONLY on crystals and stones for the moment, with some small gift items also available. More stones to be added over the weekend. As was previously the case, there is a £5 minimum spend for free postage. Happy browsing:
I went on a shamanic journey earlier and was guided (instructed) to make a new Angelic Crystal Series Essence tonight, under the full moon in Aquarius as the Sun in Leo lights it up. Citrine, Aquamarine, and possibly another crystal is to be used; an archangel will be present, I am told (not sure which one yet).

I printed out the chart for the full moon: Saturn and Pluto sit either side of the moon, with Mercury almost directly opposite in Cancer. Sirius is also opposite Pluto and next to Mercury. This will make for an interesting and powerful essence focused on boundaries and freely communicating those boundaries; the ability to move and dealing with movement’s suppression; the rise into self-value and integrity (sovereignty) from illusion and denial; confronting issues of pride. The position of Sirius near both the Sun and Mercury suggests to me there will be planetary information transmitted and infused with the essence.

There will be more I can channel as the essence is being created.

This will be the third essence in this range after Carer’s Heart and Carer’s Strength, which you can see at

Full info tomorrow.

Have a transformative full moon 🌕
The Aquarian Lion ♒️🦁
New #fullmoon crystal essence made last night under an almighty #thunderstorm.
Lightning infused⚡️
Just bottled it.
This is for finding the #humanitarian #power within and expressing it.
Full info coming soon.