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Thoughts and analyses of current events in politics, culture and technology. The main focus area is the development in my native Sweden, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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Worst. Party. Ever.
Scam Conference 2022
FTX was a Jewish scam to steal the goyim's shekels all the time.

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Three stories that dominated Swedish domestic debate this week.

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You asked for it, and now I deliver! From now on, comments are enabled!
Forwarded from Europa Terra Nostra

Italy on the Right: An Update on the Meloni Government

An opinion piece from one of our Italian friends and associates about the state of the new Italian government two months following the elections which saw the rise to power of Giorgia Meloni and her nationalist Brothers of Italy party.

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Following up on the article above this post, this is an interesting video. Meloni talks about stuff passionately and hits hard on the liberal hypocrisy.

These are my principles. If you don’t like them I have others.

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My pro tip to all leftists who are upset with Donald Trump being back on Twitter.

Swedish "Drag Story Hour"-star Promotes Sick Pornography for Children

When you thought "Drag Story Hour" for children couldn't get worse, one of the leading "stars" of the movement promotes pornography to his minor followers on Instagram. And, of course, the whole establishment backs him up.


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It's all a matter of perspective. Has Bitcoin been a good hedge against inflation? It depends on when you bought your BTC. Of course, if you bought it at ATH you're right now in a pretty bad situation, but maybe (NFA and so on...) in two or three years it will be seen as a great investment.

To me Bitcoin is not just an investment, or speculation as in any other asset. I believe the technology itself can revolutionize our financial system and bring a higher degree of freedom to dissidents like ourselves as we'll be harder to unbank.

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Giants have walked the earth. Atlantis existed. Magic is real.

Change my mind.
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