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Forwarded from The Golden One
I like normies. Most of our guys and our girls were once normies. Life becomes more joyful when you view your own people with love rather than disdain. It also becomes easier to present the righteousness of our cause when it comes from a position of genuine love.

Related to this, I very much do not like terms such as 'sheeple.' It is true that many people do not really care all too much about certain issues – this is normal.

My point is to see the goodness in people. In doing so it also becomes harder to embrace defeatist and escapist attitudes. It is common to hear 'they deserve it', 'just let it fall' – these attitudes stem from a hostile view of one's own.

It is natural to be frustrated with one's own. But that frustration must not turn into hostile attitudes against them. Keep in mind; most people have been lied to for most of their lives.
Forwarded from Guide to Kulchur
Swedish state media gives three suggestions for dealing with the recent increase in violent gang crime.

1. "Violence interrupters" - basically experts monitoring the gangs. 2. Negotiation. 3. Education - teach them it's not worth it.

Powerful stuff.

Here's a suggestion. How about we don't have replacement migration.
Forwarded from Europa Terra Nostra

An Interview with Jean-Francois Gariepy

Europa Terra Nostra Vice-Chairman Sascha A. Rossmüller recently sat down for a very interesting interview with one Jean-Francois Gariépy. Hailing from Canada, Gariepy is a political dissident and content creator who broadcasts his show, JFG Tonight, on an almost daily basis on platforms such as Odysee. In 2008, the Society for Neuroscience awarded Gariépy the Next Generation Award, and in 2012, Gariepy completed a doctoral thesis in French. Over his scientific career, Gariépy published 21 research items that were cited 529 times by external academics. In 2018, he published his book The Revolutionary Phenotype, which argues that artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and other advances could potentially lead to the eventual destruction of humankind.

Author: Sascha Rossmuller (ETN Vice-Chairman)

Forwarded from Memkriget
Swedish Liberal Party (part of the ruling coalition) wants us to "never forget" ("Glöm aldrig" in Swedish) this bridge in Sudan.

Yes, this is a real screenshot from a post today.
Forwarded from Counter-Currents
Unfollowed and blocked the Babylon Bee after its editor promoted genocide of all races, except God's chosen, of course. I recommend all of you unfollow and block as well.
He should have bought bitcoin instead.
Forwarded from Salgofnir
Everything is trivial if the universe is not committed to a metaphysical adventure 🔱 Artist: John Bauer.

Forwarded from The Golden One
I am tired of seeing all of these 'Trad'-accounts posting about the 'masculine urge' to quit the degenerate society.

First and foremost, there is nothing manly about wanting to quit or escape. Secondly, to think that you can escape society is naive – they will still come for you, even if you live in a cabin out in nowhere.

A bit of escapism now and again can be good; gaming in my case, but I do not try to pass it off as a virtue. Again, there is nothing virtuos or manly about not wanting to impose your will on society.

Moreover, a 'Trad'-wife will not want to live on a secluded farm; a woman wants to find herself in a social context with friends and family around. Similarly, a man should want to live in the vicinity of his tribesmen.

Do not get me wrong, I much prefer the country-side to the city – and it is always a good idea to be as self-sustainable as possible – but it is of paramount importance to understand that you are still living in a society.
Forwarded from Red Ice TV
SVB Head of Risk was a diversity hire
My chat with a friend. I didn't want to retype it so I just screenshot my part.
Dugin is at least very honest in explaining why modern Russia is the enemy of nationalism.

"We are fighting against nationalism, but we must not turn into nationalists. We are the Empire and as heirs to the monarchy and as successors to the USSR."

Yesterday I joined James Edwards on The Political Cesspool to talk about the development with the new government in Sweden, the work of @etnostra and the war in Ukraine.

Forwarded from Pox Populi
I’m not a Nazi apologist or Hitler redeemer. I wholeheartedly wish we could just move on from WWII. I wish we didn’t have to argue against the Steven Spielberg version of history and Boomer Truth.

But the fact is, WWII and the 1930s Germans are used as a cudgel to beat ALL Europeans and to prevent us from protecting our nations and taking our own side. That’s why we can’t move on and it’s incredibly tiresome, particularly because it keeps us in the libtard-commie moral framework and encourages anti-social spergs in nationalist circles to play the Hollywood Nazi.

Ultimately though, I’m just annoyed at people, especially people who act so smug, calling themselves “truth seekers” but who are unwilling or uninterested in asking the questions a real truth seeker would ask.