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If AI could design your home based on your lifestyle and all other constraints, will you alllow?
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always prefer cold wallets over hot, phantom has cold wallet integration, just a reminder :)
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Early stage preview of our DAPPS…….
we will be scheduling a private AMA here once we gather enough key invites , thank you
While there are several channels to buy Solana, we recommend the following platforms. 4 ways:

1. Buy via moonpay using your credit card. https://www.moonpay.com/buy/sol -> Easy but has higher fees
2. Spot trading via Binance (https://www.binance.com/en/how-to-buy/solana) -> Recommended if you only have Gcash/Paymaya but wants to buy Solana
3. Via Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/how-to-buy/solana
4. Trade via eToro https://www.etoro.com/markets/sol
Channel name was changed to «HOMEQUBE ($QUBE)»
Channel name was changed to «HOMEQUBE ($QUBE) Channel»
Channel name was changed to «$QUBE CLAIM CHANNEL»
Fast, secured, and decentralized—do you want to experience that kind of marketplace?

See for yourself what we have to offer Try HomeQube's sandbox today!!!🔥🔥

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Channel name was changed to «$QUBE Token CLAIM CHANNEL»